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I need to freshen up my truck... Need info

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I have been trying to research what needs to get done to freshen up my truck. It has 309k on it.
I have been checking out It seems like most is legit. But has anyone had any luck with his maintenance and upgrade suggestions?
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At 309k miles, it's probably ready for a new set of injectors. That would be the one thing that would probably "freshen it up" the most. Making sure you're getting fuel to them at the proper pressure would be high on the list also. The hutch mod and possibly a boost to the fuel pressure regulator (check some of the vendors for higher pressure rated springs and regulator housing) would be good things. has some good stuff when it comes to basic maintenance, but when he gets off on modification like drilling out the fuel rail plugs, I'd be a little leery of following those suggestions. That particular one strikes me as a bit like putting a fire hose nozzle on a 50 ft long garden hose and expecting to get more flow thru it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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