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i want Auto hubs instead of my manuals

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I have a 97 f250HD 4x4 and I have the Ttb axle. I have never owned a truck with lockouts but I can say I hate them they work good but I hate getting outta the truck to lock and unlock them. What are my options? Are there any non troublesome auto hubs? I have been into the front end and underdtand how everything goes together and comes apart but will I need a new spindle nut or any other things to make this swap happen
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I used to sell Warn hubs and BTW most Ford trucks use them as factory equipment. I agree with Dr. Evil. You will not know when the auto hubs are unlocked. I know that locking and unlocking the manuels are a pita but lock them when you leave the pavement and unlock them when you get back to it. Then you will "shift on the fly" and you wont have any trouble. Take a rag if you get into much mud.
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