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i want Auto hubs instead of my manuals

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I have a 97 f250HD 4x4 and I have the Ttb axle. I have never owned a truck with lockouts but I can say I hate them they work good but I hate getting outta the truck to lock and unlock them. What are my options? Are there any non troublesome auto hubs? I have been into the front end and underdtand how everything goes together and comes apart but will I need a new spindle nut or any other things to make this swap happen
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So when you go to use your 4wd with the new auto setup and it dont work, will you still have this same desire? I doubt it. Listen to the kind folks on here and stick with your manuals. I actually took one of my rigs and converted from auto to manual. Deep in on an old skidder road deer hunting the 4wd was working fine going in. Coming out I realized as I was trying to go up a mild incline, I wasnt going anywhere but sideways and almost off the mountain. 4x4 quit working out of the blue. It was not a warm and fuzzy feeling at all as I was in deep and dark thirty approaching.

Good Luck with your decision...
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