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i want Auto hubs instead of my manuals

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I have a 97 f250HD 4x4 and I have the Ttb axle. I have never owned a truck with lockouts but I can say I hate them they work good but I hate getting outta the truck to lock and unlock them. What are my options? Are there any non troublesome auto hubs? I have been into the front end and underdtand how everything goes together and comes apart but will I need a new spindle nut or any other things to make this swap happen
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The auto-hubs didn't hold up well for us. Made it part way thru 1st winter, tore up the originals and 1 set of replacements. Problem was getting stuck in snow and rocking back-n-forth to get loose. Each change of direction cycled the hubs from lock-unlock-lock, and with the weight and power up front it didn't end well. One thing to remember with manual hubs- as you are on your knee in the mud looking down the trail its a last chance to really decide if you need to go that way for sure....! And I usually do anyway!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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