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ICP Confusion help

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I have a crank no start condition.

Replaced Fuel Pump and CPS. No Start.

Disconnected the wire from the ICP to see if it would start. It did not. But the disconnect causes Code P1280 which is an ICP low condition so I think this is a no start condition. If I connect the wire back up I can clear the code and does not show up again unless I disconnect.

So I am confused......After many searches disconnecting the ICP is standard in troubleshooting. But if my 2002 trows this could it start.

I am missing something here. Appreciate any help

(One more thing is I think I will replace it since I have oil present in the connecter)
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Great job of testing and diagnostics Redtopman! I'm very glad you found your problem. Did you ever buzz test your injectors? Also where is the IDM located on the truck? And what did it cost for the rebuilt one. I have used Tousley Ford in White Bear Lake, MN as a source for very reasonably priced ford OEM parts. They are significantly cheaper than most and fast delivery. I got my larger 6.0 trans cooler from them and it was much less than other dealers.
I am writing a pdf now to explain what happened complete with pictures and will post it here as soon as I am satisfied with it. I paid 179 plus FL tax from the Miami company. Free shipping and they pay for returning the core. They have three-four internet sites and they own them all plus they operate out of Davie Fl. They also sell on ebay. I called the number in the afternoon on the autocompluterexchange site. If you do it by phone processing is faster. I had my unit within 24 hours but I live in FL.

The IDM is located inside the drivers fender so you have to pull back the splash guard protection by the fender. It sets inside below the F250 on the fender.

I only tried to perform one buzz test. No buzz at all. haven't done the new one yet. Just happy it is running.

I will be ordering an ICP from White Bear soon. Mine is leaking.
Crank No Start Summary

Ok Thanks to all that helped me through this. I am attaching a PDF Summary Start to finish of my problem. Comments welcome.


Great write up red. Thanks for the follow up.
Yep, you still have the earlier version in there and it should be swapped even if it wasn't showing oil...but I think they fail before they leak enough oil to get in the valley.

ICP Motorcraft P/N: F6TZ-9F838-A


what was changed between the old style and this one?
what was changed between the old style and this one?
Artic Driver may know about the internals. I do not. The older versions had to be removed with a crowsfoot and the new ones can be installed with a socket. As I understand the old ones failed a lot and could not take the high pressure. Mine lasted for years but has recently started to leak oil. I ordered one from White Bear and it is due in tomorrow but I will keep the old one as an emergency spare. No rush to install it.
As far as I know the reason it is suggested to change out the old style is that they are several years old now and are typically at the point of wearing out. When an ICP wears out then it often results in oil contaminating the pigtail requiring its replacement as well. The suggestion to replace the old style is just Preventive Maintenance.

If you had a "New Old Stock" ICP style from Motorcraft/IH then I don't think there is a problem using it.
I have not read of any recall.


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Thanks Artic Driver. Just received my new one from White Bear. I will put it in soon.
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