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ICP leaking oil inside connector - tips on replacement

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A friend of mine dropped off his truck for me to use. I was looking it over and found oil inside the ICP sensor connector. His truck also surges with a symptom and sound like the EBP valve opening and closing slightly with a two second closed then open sound. I disconnected the harness at the turbo pedestal that feeds the EBP valve but it did not improve. This did thow the Service Engine Light.

Could this surge be the ICP going bad? It idles just fine. Is it just an unscrew it and replace for the ICP? Where to start chasing the surge?
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The icp should be replaced and clean the contacts good. Just unthread and replace. The surge might be the IPR but just do the ICP first. If the engine oil is old and dirty that could be the surge as well. The hpop system needs good oil to keep injectors firing at their best.
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