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Idea for a water separator/filter system...

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Just taking off on the water heater idea what if a water heater was filled with oil and fired up, then run the hot oil through the filters into a well insulated container to sit for the proper time. Of course I would run a course filter before I fill the heater to aviod the big stuff, maby an old shirt or something.
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Ok, I know there are some smart kids here. I run a 4800w 240 volt water heating element for less than half an hour to heat 42 gallons of wvo to 130 f. each time I make biodiesel. I do this in an uninsulated metal drum but I live in temperate northern california. I've read that reaching `150 f. and then settling is good for helping break any water in suspension, so a little longer may be in order but I think even as low as 80 or 90 f. would help in the filtering process. Is the math for 240v half of that for 110v?
.5 x 48 kw x .5 hours = 12 kwh
My rate fluctuates around $.15 per kwh because of the type of property my service is on, so I'm figuring $1.80 for my use.
Can someone confirm my math?
I run my pump most of the time that the oil is heating to circulate as I have a feeling that oil may be super heating at the element. Anyone know if this is really necessary?
Both of you have provided helpful reminders.
I am running 240v. I can't word this in a way that makes sense so I will leave it be. You are both right.
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