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Idea for a water separator/filter system...

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Just taking off on the water heater idea what if a water heater was filled with oil and fired up, then run the hot oil through the filters into a well insulated container to sit for the proper time. Of course I would run a course filter before I fill the heater to aviod the big stuff, maby an old shirt or something.
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Yeah, it would work. Remember though, one of the big reasons people use wvo is because of the lack of complexity and cost of the fuel.
Heating a barrel of wvo is not cheap using electricity. I have a friend who simply puts it in a black steel drum in the sun and lets nature take its course for a couple weeks. If you are interested in not having drums ow wvo sit around, maybe others here can give you some ideas. I too, am cramped for space and this "hobby" looks like it can take a lot of room.
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