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Idea for a water separator/filter system...

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Just taking off on the water heater idea what if a water heater was filled with oil and fired up, then run the hot oil through the filters into a well insulated container to sit for the proper time. Of course I would run a course filter before I fill the heater to aviod the big stuff, maby an old shirt or something.
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That sounds like it would work well during the summer, I've also thought of building a waste oil burner, could burn the oil that has setteled to the bottom and is full of sediment for winter use, to heat the oil too, then use a coil. Also, coiled black hose in the sun to heat the oil for filtering might work.
Should be 24kwh, 4800 wats is 4800 wats no matter what the voltage, howerer the ammount ov energy in an amp changes (is a factor of) wats and volts.
I guess I was making the asumption that it was running on 240 volts since it was a 240 volt element, maby not everyone has their house plumbed tht way though /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
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