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Idle Control for excursion

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Got my AIC hooked up today and its pretty cool. I have it attached with velcro to the tranny hump. I really like it there and I like the fact that when I set the parking brake it goes to 1200 rpms and if I want to jump start some other big ass diesel I can crank it up higher and not have to put my foot on the pedal.

To install I did not do any splices. I took advice off the forum and ended up cutting one side of a spade connector off and pushing those into the back side of the OBD connector to the two wires specified. There is just enough room to get the spade in there so its a great fit.

All you have to do is unscrew the obd connector from the bracket and turn it around to get at the backside. Excursions dont have the factory connector so you have to cut the connector off the idle control and crimp on the one sided spades mentioned above. Connect the red/blue wire from the idle control harness to the tan/orange wire connection point on the obd and the white/violet from the idle control harness to the pink/light blue connection on the obd connector.

The black wire from the idle control goes to ground and the tan/red from idle control to 12 volt key power.

Found my AIC on ebay for 150 shipped and was brand new.

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I did the same install on my 2000 EX. The AIC is very handy! Cold AM or running the AC at idle, just push a few buttons for higher idle.
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