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IDM Question

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Hi All,

Can I run a IDM 100 in place of an IDM 120 for a while till a new 120 gets here?

My late 99 F-350 took a dive last Sat morning, serious loss of power, missing, sputtering, smoking, grasping for life I had it limp me back home seldom faster than 10 MPH and inches per hour on slopes but it made it home then promptly died with a no start other than starting fluid for seconds at a time.

Scanned it with AE did my home work and felt IDM was best start point so I took the one out of my 97 F-350 and swapped it and now the 99 starts and runs. Have not driven it just ran it about 3 minutes.
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I've scimmed across the 145 volt mod, any bad long term effects?

I ordered a re-man XC3F-12B599-AC IDM 120 from Ecudiesel for $149 with lifetime warranty once I sent my dead one back.

I have 3 injectors showing bad in buzz test and they do sound different when they get buzzed.

Could this be the IDM doing this? Truck ran fine before this whole incident and it all went bad within about 30 seconds, hard to believe all 3 died at once.

truck never had a miss before last Saturday morning but has bad miss now with the IDM-100

holes 1, 7, 6 are showing "High to Low side short" in buzz test with AE
In cylinder contribution test hole 1 shows "Injector Circuit Contribution / balance fault"

the injectors are old, maybe original with 310,000 on the truck now.

looking at DP stock reman or maybe stage 1 reman, either way it's getting chipped. I never chipped it before because I knew the injectors were old.
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Truck was a No Start with the old IDM.

AE said "PCM/IDM Communications Error" and could not do the buzz test.

Yes I did have some wire chafing on 3 wires but only one was through just a tiny bit but I'm sure it was enough to ground, valve cover was clean there and paint rubbed off from wires so nothing was stopping it from grounding.

Not going to worry much about it until the new IDM gets here since the truck I took the IDM out (97) of hasn't been running real well.

But as I said this 99 was running perfect until it all went to hell in less than a mile. So not sure whats up with the injectors unless this episode killed the IDM and 3 injectors.

It was the ORANGE wire that had rubbed through.

Posted pics in a new thread for the wire chafing


Injectors have been on the to-do list for a while now just was waiting till they crapped out.
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