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IDM Question

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Hi All,

Can I run a IDM 100 in place of an IDM 120 for a while till a new 120 gets here?

My late 99 F-350 took a dive last Sat morning, serious loss of power, missing, sputtering, smoking, grasping for life I had it limp me back home seldom faster than 10 MPH and inches per hour on slopes but it made it home then promptly died with a no start other than starting fluid for seconds at a time.

Scanned it with AE did my home work and felt IDM was best start point so I took the one out of my 97 F-350 and swapped it and now the 99 starts and runs. Have not driven it just ran it about 3 minutes.
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You could leave the IDM-100 in forever without hurting anything.

I have one in my truck, although it's been modded to put out around 145V.
No long term effects from the IDM mod. It's been around just about forever. Not a mod that you will feel in the seat of your pants, but it supposedly improves performance a bit. I haven't tested that on my truck.

Did you do a buzz test with the other IDM in place and did you get the same results? Until you get a clean buzz test, the cylinder contribution test doesn't mean anything, so disregard that for now.

Your original IDM may be just fine. Have you looked at the wiring harness where it goes over the driver's side valve cover? They put the injector circuit wiring on the bottom of the bundle, so the high voltage circuits would be the first to chafe and short against the valve cover.

With your mileage, your injectors may just be done in.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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