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IDM Question

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Hi All,

Can I run a IDM 100 in place of an IDM 120 for a while till a new 120 gets here?

My late 99 F-350 took a dive last Sat morning, serious loss of power, missing, sputtering, smoking, grasping for life I had it limp me back home seldom faster than 10 MPH and inches per hour on slopes but it made it home then promptly died with a no start other than starting fluid for seconds at a time.

Scanned it with AE did my home work and felt IDM was best start point so I took the one out of my 97 F-350 and swapped it and now the 99 starts and runs. Have not driven it just ran it about 3 minutes.
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If it runs and starts on the 100 it won't hurt anything. I believe the 100 is 100 volts to the injectors, likewise 120 is 120 volts.
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