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Ignition/Run Wire

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I am installing a battery isolator that requires external excitation. I need to run a wire to the isolator that provides 12 volts at starting and then provides 0 volts. Anyone know where I can tap into?
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Will the signal for starter solenoid work ???? this will give you 12V signal when cranking and 0V once the truck is running. I think so. Is there an easy place to splice into it? I looked but couldn't find it. Right now I am tapped into the GPR. It works but I'm not sure if I should be flowing that extra voltage into the Isolator.

what type of battery isolator are you installing? are you installing a 3rd battery?
It is a Sureflow 1230-3A. I am installing 2 aux. batteries (in addition to the 2 main batteries).
I think the starter solenoid would work. Is there an easy place to splice into it? Rights now I am tied into the GPR but it puts out voltage while it is running.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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