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I have a 2003 f350 6ltr diesel duelly, The engine light will come on when I start the truck and stay on until I shut it of, This only occurs from time to time( 1-2 / month ). Two days ago it came on and during warm up I noticed the thing was doing all kinds of funky things engine wise, It would high idle, then slow down to normal, then start missing on a couple of cylinders and then come out of it and run slightly rough, sounded like a small gas engine kicking in on the governor by times. Took to the local dealer and the code report was as long as the tech arm everything from Egr to 3 cylinders not firering, Funny thing is as soon as I put the truck in gear and put on the road it doesn't skip a beat and will go like heck. I have a freind that had a similar problem on a 99 and he spent $15,000 before they found a wire problem. Anyone help out?
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