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Im a new Excursion owner I have questions?

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Hey guys

I am a new owner of a 2000 7.3 diesel excursion with 142,000 miles on it. This is not my first diesel, I have owned my 99 f350 7.3 for over 7 years and have a lot of experience with the powerstroke. But have a few questions about this one.
first none of the automatic door locks work, all have to be unlocked manuelly. Was told I have to replace a sensor in every door? Is that true?
Also Its throwing a code, will a edge module work as a code reader?
Anything I should look out for? I know most of the Powerstroke things but dont know much about the chassis and cab.

any info would be great
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Pretty classic problem, you can buy aftermarket actuators cheaper. They run in a serise so it could be the drivers side front. A good auto elec guy can tell you if it has to be all. Does it have a perf mod like a chip or prog.? I have an Edge programer and it was the only one that did not screw my truck up, I do get a check engine light if I really stab it with a trailer usually going up is an over boost code, I went and paid the $40 to find this out and it shuts off if you disconnect the batteries for a second or about 20 cycles of the key. If it has something I would take it out and get a baseline, drive it and then reinstall the mod. I tried 4 and had some that barely idled to lights flashing on the dash and all heck breaking loose with gages flip flopping. The chassis is different, the 7.3 is solid but the elec and mechanical of the truck can be a problem. I have 192K and I have not had any gremlins or weird things happen. Heck I am just replacing the batteries tomorrow, thats with lots of draw from lighs and constant drain till dead playing the stereo while working outside...thank god for those jump starter boxes....
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The GPs are a common code. Be careful on the exhaust, they work for PU trucks but thats because most of the truck is exposed, with ours being closed up there is a real droaning that occurs, kind of like harmonics and it will drive you out of the truck like a mouse with one of those high pitched can do a search here but if your wife is driving it she will not be too happy with the noise. I have wanted to do this but am affraid I will not be happy. Overall the X is a good truck, I have had -0- problems in 192,000 miles and am just replacing the batteries now, it does not drip a drop of anything and has never left me on the side of the road, even a bad alternator went 300 miles until the batteries died and shut the fuel pump off.
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