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Im a new Excursion owner I have questions?

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Hey guys

I am a new owner of a 2000 7.3 diesel excursion with 142,000 miles on it. This is not my first diesel, I have owned my 99 f350 7.3 for over 7 years and have a lot of experience with the powerstroke. But have a few questions about this one.
first none of the automatic door locks work, all have to be unlocked manuelly. Was told I have to replace a sensor in every door? Is that true?
Also Its throwing a code, will a edge module work as a code reader?
Anything I should look out for? I know most of the Powerstroke things but dont know much about the chassis and cab.

any info would be great
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Thanks, No chip or programer, this is my wifes truck and not going to go crazy...........yet. Just looking to do intake, exhaust right now. I found that one of the codes it throws is a Glow plug code so I need to replace thoses, also it throws these codes P0683, and P1670-EF. I have a book that lists the codes but got to find it.
anything else I need to know about these Excursions?

I think you are going to need a glow plug module. I'll bet if you ohm the glow plugs they all come out reasonably good.
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