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Last December when I got my "new to me" 05' F250 with around 180,xxx miles on it.....when every the temps were down around freezing, it would always chug, chug, chug, chug for a little bit before the idle would smooth out and it would start idling good. So I added a bottle of the Hot Shot Secret Stiction Eliminator to the didn't really do anything....still had the chug, chug, chug.

Well, it's almost been a year.....around 15,000 miles later, three oil changes, and HSS Stiction Eliminator was added at every oil change......and we finally had some cold weather sneak up on us a few days ago. It was 13 degrees out this morning.......I didn't have block heater plugged in, and I wanted to fire it up just to see if I got the same chugging as I did last year.

Well, this time it fired right up......didn't even act like it was cold. It instantly settled into a nice and smooth idle as soon as it fired up. No more chugging!

I'm a believer....this stuff works!
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