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Im lost!

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I bought a 2004 F50 CC with in February. Since that time, have had the turbo off and cleaned since it seemed to have a bad case of turbo farts (figuring sticky turbo). Truck did fine after that, but now is either not engaging, is slow to engage or does not engage at all. It has also started back with intermittent turbo farts when really getting in on it. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get my boy running like he should. He now has 120k miles. I have already cleaned the EBP sensor and have a replacement on standby. I have an appointment with the mechanic to drop off for new turbo, but want to make sure this is the right direction to proceed in before dropping the bucks. Any help is appreciated. I feel I have done everything possible.
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please explain what you mean by turbo farts lol. need a little more information on this. any smoke white/black? does the low power issue seem to be worse at low speed or highway speed? normally if say it has low power on takeoff but better at highway speeds (or the other way around) that usually means turbo sticking. usually cleaning the turbo only works for a short time as it is almost impossible to remove all the corrosion from around the vanes. on first impression i think you are right about the turbo needing to be replaced. but depending on whether or not it is smoking excessively that could also be injector issues as these engines are prone to failing injectors especially at high mileage. which usually mean low power and not necessarily a misfire.
:roller: gotcha! lol that makes sense. yeah it does sound to me like the turbo unison ring is probably sticking. the back pressure sensor works with the map sensor and some other programmed values in the pcm to calculate the desired value for the turbo vanes as well as it is a way to check and see if the turbo is actually working or not. without having a scan tool hooked up and reading the values from the sensors i cant say for sure but i would suspect the turbo being bad especially if you have had issues with it in the past.
not a problem. if you have anymore questions let me know i would be happy to assist if i possible can. good luck!
Still have new EBP sensor and may put that on as well (isnt it recommended with new turbo?)
its not really recommended but it probably wouldnt hurt if you already bought one.
Mechanic mentioned that the "new program" does not even read the EBP
the ebp is one of the main sensors used to position the turbo. i would have a hard time believing that current calibrations would not use the ebp. but i cant say for sure as i work for international and not ford. if there is an updated calibration availiable then it would probably would be a good idea to get it done.
'03 and early model '04 use an inferred Exhaust Pressure. The EP sensor is just an ornament.
really? is this a ford calibration thing? i know in the navistar chassis the ebp sensor is used in calculations
do you know if you have any codes or can you have someone check. i am wondering if maybe you have a wiring problem between the ecm and the turbo control solenoid or maybe a bad connection. or maybe it is going into a derate situation. maybe your oil temperature is getting too hot. that would explain why it only does it under full load situations. it would help if you could get a list of all the active or inactive codes in the ecm
thats a sweet looking thunder chicken!!!!!
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