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Im lost!

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I bought a 2004 F50 CC with in February. Since that time, have had the turbo off and cleaned since it seemed to have a bad case of turbo farts (figuring sticky turbo). Truck did fine after that, but now is either not engaging, is slow to engage or does not engage at all. It has also started back with intermittent turbo farts when really getting in on it. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get my boy running like he should. He now has 120k miles. I have already cleaned the EBP sensor and have a replacement on standby. I have an appointment with the mechanic to drop off for new turbo, but want to make sure this is the right direction to proceed in before dropping the bucks. Any help is appreciated. I feel I have done everything possible.
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Hey Momma,
Sorry to hear you are still having problems. Have you done a "turbo relearn"

Here is the procedure, it kinda gets everything back in "sync" again.

The low power and lag problem could be a result of the service "Tech" not performing the VGT re-learn strategy after flashing the computer. Here is the strategy you can perform it.

KAM (keep-alive-memory) reset & VGT learn procedure

1. Drive the truck until the engine and transmission have reached normal operating temperature.
(The VGT learn procedure requires that the oil and coolant temperatures be at normal operating temperature)

2. Flash truck back to stock (Only need to do this if running a tuner or module)

3. Turn on the headlights

4. Disconnect both batteries

5. Short out + to - battery cables to each other (Make sure both batteries are disconnected before doing this).

6. Let truck sit like this for 10-minutes

7. Turn off the headlights.

8. Re-connect batteries

9. Cycle the key to the run position twice. Pause in the “ON” position each time until the wait to start lamp goes out (minimum 5-seconds) and pause in the “OFF” position each time for 10-seconds to be sure the PCM has "gone to sleep".

10. Start the truck and let it idle for a minimum of 5-minutes at normal operating temperature. This allows the PCM to learn the EGR valve closed position value. Also you will likely hear the turbo pitch change several times during this period as the PCM learns the necessary duty cycles for accurate VGT control.

11. Complete the road test Drive Cycle:
15 miles of mixed driving (*should* be enough in most cases) to allow the PCM to "re-learn" its adaptive strategy.

Note: Anytime the batteries are disconnected, the PCM will throw the P1000 code until the “Drive Cycle” is completed.

As for the Tow/Haul mode, the transmission must re-learn your driving style and loads hauled again as this was cleared when the truck was re-flashed.

I used wire pieces with alligator clips to Short both sets of battery cables.

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Also, on the passenger side of the intake, there is a hose that goes to a "map" sensor (it's on a bracket by the evaporator, AC box) take the fitting out of the intake (13 mm deep socket) and make sure it is not plugged with goo. If it is, clean and reinstall, this sensor helps the PCM determine what boost you are producing.
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