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Im lost!

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I bought a 2004 F50 CC with in February. Since that time, have had the turbo off and cleaned since it seemed to have a bad case of turbo farts (figuring sticky turbo). Truck did fine after that, but now is either not engaging, is slow to engage or does not engage at all. It has also started back with intermittent turbo farts when really getting in on it. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get my boy running like he should. He now has 120k miles. I have already cleaned the EBP sensor and have a replacement on standby. I have an appointment with the mechanic to drop off for new turbo, but want to make sure this is the right direction to proceed in before dropping the bucks. Any help is appreciated. I feel I have done everything possible.
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Ok, I will explain turbo farts. Ive heard this term used when a turbo is sticking and the truck essentially "farts" because of the sticky turbo. Yes, I have black smoke when it farts (when it decides). It does not matter what speed. It seems like when you try to accelerate the truck like trying to merge into traffic or getting out onto the main road, its like the turbo just decides to crap out or is slow to spool. It does not "fart", but simply does not spool. Then its like "Oh, ok" then either slowly spools or takes off like a bat out of hell. There have also been times when it has not done anything at all and I am basically driving a non-turbo. Only time it has farted here lately has been getting in on the truck kinda hard or in a climb and basically no turbo. I also have a Magnaflow and when it decides to crap out, you cannot hear the Magnaflow. As long as the Magnaflow sings, it has plenty power and normally turbo is working. Bad thing is, I have no boost gauge (yet) so I have no clue what the boost pressure is. Im not sure if the injectors have ever been done, but I certainly do not look forward to that. I read the the EBP sensor was basically the brain for the turbo, so took it off and cleaned the sensor itself. That made no difference, but may try the new sensor.
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Thank you so much, JB! I basically needed confirmation of my thinking. I wanted to be sure of what I was doing and not just be throwing parts at it (along with money). I will be talking with the mechanic tomorrow about the same issue since some of the symptoms changed since we last talked to him. I found a turbo at a shop that specializes in turbos for about 200 bucks less that is brand new as compared to reman. Just need to make sure they still have it. Will keep you posted as to what the outcome is. Pray for me! :thumbsup:
I have the turbo on now (done Friday). I know I have to give it a few days in order for everything to adjust to the new turbo. Doing better, no turbo farts. Still seems to be lacking some power but got confirmation of no problems with FICM or PCM per mechanic. Will be following up on Tuesday to let him know how its doing. Hopefully things will steadily improve as the truck adjusts, but we will see. Mechanic thinks exhaust side of turbo went bad and that cannot be cleaned. Still have new EBP sensor and may put that on as well (isnt it recommended with new turbo?). Mechanic mentioned that the "new program" does not even read the EBP. Is this true?? Im not sure what program version this truck is running. Upgrade on program from Ford may be next step. Not sure, though. Any thoughts?
Ok, so its been roughly a week since the new turbo was installed. What a difference! Only thing now is pulling uphill. Seems that the turbo does not work pulling uphill (like up mountain going home). Used to be able to do 5th gear all the way to the top, but now have to downshift to 4th then turbo starts functioning. I have an appointment with Ford dealer Friday for program upgrade. Maybe that will be the last chapter in what has been an epic adventure with this truck. Will keep everyone posted as to what happens.
Yet another chapter...

I know its been awhile since Ive updated everybody, so here goes.

Took truck to the Ford dealer. They said they could do nothing for it since it had an EGR bypass modification. Total line of crap and I saw right through it. I found out its great to have friends. A mechanic friend of mine that works at the same dealer updated the programming. He had a list of something like 12-13 upgrades. Its now about 2 days since the programming and there has been some improvement, but still having the same turbo issue as before. I am seriously considering trying to get some video footage of what exactly this truck is doing and maybe...just maybe somebody can tell me something. My boy wants to run so badly. The power is there, but something is holding him back. When it tries to pull a steep grade, the turbo completely shuts down...basically like driving a non-turbo...and it does not matter the RPMs, its always the same result. Even running at 1500 RPMs and better, its the same story each time...speed and RPMs go steadily down until you downshift and even then sometimes turbo does not kick in or its delayed.

I have started running Stanadyne fuel additive and have been running it with every tank. Have had several people with diesels recommend it and it seems to have helped a bit. Will be getting new tires Thursday since my BFGs are worn out. Going down a size (285 to 265) hopefully will help a bit as well.
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Teamroper...its just as I said. The turbo does not function at all on steep boost. You do not so much as hear a whistle or whine from it. I have to cross a mountain to and from work. The side going to work is not that bad, but coming home side is the steep side. I do not know how to describe the steepness. Tractor trailers have a hard time on it, slows them way down.

JB, all codes were cleared Friday when the programming was done. I will take the truck Thursday when I get new tires to the mechanic that put the turbo on and see what codes are in it, if any. I know I kept getting codes for the EGR and overboost/underboost before the turbo was replaced. Not sure if Im getting them now or not. I will definitely check the intercooler boots and see what is going on there. Thanks!
Delta, thank you! When the mechanic put the new turbo on, he did a "relearn" program for the turbo but it was never given the driving portion of it though I guess I did that. It was late in the afternoon and he was ready to close. The truck set outside for about 15 minutes idling before I took off in it. Looking back though, the batteries were not unhooked when he was working on it and a lot of the other steps listed above were not either. This truck is programmed as stock as I currently do not run a programmer.

I tried last night to get video of what the truck was doing, but my boy had a good night last night. Im giving the new programming a couple more days to set in to see what, if anything, it does for it. Seems that it has helped a little, but not as much as I would expect. I am off from work Thursday, so will try this while I have the time. It certainly could not hurt him. I just wish I could finally get his problems figured out. I appreciate all the advice. I know some people would have told me to get rid of him already, but he ran good when test drove. It was not until a couple weeks after coming home that he went downhill. Its been a very frustrating journey with him and I hope it is worth it in the end. I will keep everybody posted. Maybe eventually I can write the last chapter of this horror novel and start on the happily forever after.
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You have a true beauty!! :thumbsup: Is that a white pearl (three stage?) on the Thunderbird? Nice pick. Very showy duo you got. You also have a good lookin place too! I would love to be in a place like that. Seems like it would be very quiet. Where I live now with hubby is quiet and we are pretty much left alone, but it has its drawbacks like everywhere else.

As far as things with my boy, I think we have things finally narrowed down to an electrical issue with the EBP sensor, but that is yet to be seen. Hopefully it is the last thing to fix so that the wallet can recover. lol I will try to post pics of him soon. I tried posting one on here and the pic is too big.
Long time no post guys. I know its been awhile since I last updated everybody.

Well today another one of my former Ford coworkers messed around with my boy today and figured out the problem all along....the freakin EBP sensor! I wont let him touch the truck anymore though because he wants to charge me 150 bucks for working probably 30 minutes on it. He did it during his lunch break but I know it did not take his entire lunch to do that. He did programming, but that did not help that I saw. Why is it that everybody is out to take advantage of you? I have been through the ringer here lately...truck, AC at house, bills, you name it. Im seriously thinking about selling him so he could have a better environment, but funny thing is I sit here now thinking Im just stressed. I also found out he needs left-sided ball joints, alignment, and possibly EGR cooler or oil cooler or possibly head gasket...not sure which. He has been pushing coolant out the degas, which Ive been told is head gasket...but danged if I know. Ive been told it could be EGR cooler or oil cooler. Hubby said he could see where water/coolant had dried on the motor, so Im guessing head gasket itself. He's a good boy...I just dont know if his home is with me. I need some advice...or maybe words of encouragement.
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The new EBP was installed yesterday, but the guy wanted to charge me that much. I still owed him for programming, but not that much. He did both of the above items as a side gig and I guess he charged me his regular hourly rate for his Ford job..not sure. Anyhow, will talk him down on his price. Made me kinda angry that he charged me that much. What's your opinion?? There are marks on the side of the motor itself where water/coolant has apparently dried.

New EBP has made world of difference. My boy is finally back to himself again..same as the day we test drove him for the first time. Things hopefully will settle down soon. Hopefully all I will have to do now is change the oil and close the hood. Except for some other things, I should eventually be able to write the last chapter on this story.
The last chapter....finally

Its me again. Im here to write the last chapter of my horror story.

After finally fighting the demons that inhabited my truck that loved to run amok, things have finally went back to normal. Best part is, my MPG shot up to between 19 and 22 MPG. I am now running Stanadyne supplement with every tank and that seems to have made a difference.

Not sure if anyone else has ever heard of this...but Ive heard of some people locally putting about half a quart of hydraulic fluid in the fuel tank. Not sure about whether this is good for a diesel truck or not. Let me know. Maybe its something I should consider if its a good thing for my boy.

Thanks to everybody on here that gave advice and prayed for me and my boy. Both he and I certainly appreciate it. After changing the EBP, things have been on an upswing. Even though the EBP is inferred on late 2003/early 2004, its still important for turbo positioning and should not be ruled out as a culprit. I went from 4 lbs of boost to 21 lbs.

My next step to completely rehabbing the boy is to have the head gasket done, but that will come with time. I already know to have ARP studs put in and change the oil cooler (included in the job). Its the last step. Again, thanks to everyone. Hopefully one day I can help you somehow, some way.
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