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Im lost!

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I bought a 2004 F50 CC with in February. Since that time, have had the turbo off and cleaned since it seemed to have a bad case of turbo farts (figuring sticky turbo). Truck did fine after that, but now is either not engaging, is slow to engage or does not engage at all. It has also started back with intermittent turbo farts when really getting in on it. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get my boy running like he should. He now has 120k miles. I have already cleaned the EBP sensor and have a replacement on standby. I have an appointment with the mechanic to drop off for new turbo, but want to make sure this is the right direction to proceed in before dropping the bucks. Any help is appreciated. I feel I have done everything possible.
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Even if the inferred strategy is used, a v-reference short in the EBP sensor can still cause problems!
In post #1 you mentioned that you had a new EBP on standby. Did you install it and now it is bad, or you had not installed it until yesterday??

Is the dried coolant that your hubby sees only around the degas bottle (divers side coolant reservoir)? I would try a new degas bottle cap and see what that does for you. And also, make sure there is not a leak in the degas bottle.

A ScangaugeII can possibly help you determine if the oil-cooler/egr-cooler train is bad. That can be a source of "puking" coolant.
Its me again. Im here to write the last chapter of my horror story.

After finally fighting the demons that inhabited my truck that loved to run amok, things have finally went back to normal. Best part is, my MPG shot up to between 19 and 22 MPG. I am now running Stanadyne supplement with every tank and that seems to have made a difference.

Not sure if anyone else has ever heard of this...but Ive heard of some people locally putting about half a quart of hydraulic fluid in the fuel tank. Not sure about whether this is good for a diesel truck or not. Let me know. Maybe its something I should consider if its a good thing for my boy.

Thanks to everybody on here that gave advice and prayed for me and my boy. Both he and I certainly appreciate it. After changing the EBP, things have been on an upswing. Even though the EBP is inferred on late 2003/early 2004, its still important for turbo positioning and should not be ruled out as a culprit. I went from 4 lbs of boost to 21 lbs.

My next step to completely rehabbing the boy is to have the head gasket done, but that will come with time. I already know to have ARP studs put in and change the oil cooler (included in the job). Its the last step. Again, thanks to everyone. Hopefully one day I can help you somehow, some way.
yup .
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