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in need of help

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Well i changed my valve cover gasket on the passenger side, put a new vaccum pump on, and replaced my fuel filter. I took my batteries out and had them charged. I found that i have red wire and black wire still unhooked and dont know where they go. I have a wire running to the alternator. Does one go to the vaccum pump? And i have a wire unplugged coming from the fuel filter. I know one goes under the fuel water seperator but idk where the other goes. I looked on ebay for a shop manual and found a 1993 but idk if it be the same on my 90. Can anyone help
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And the battery light and engine light is on
Ok now truck cranks but wont fire up. I filled the fuel filter up with seafoam when i changed it so idk if its not getting fuel or what. Battery light is on but i just had them charged. Any thoughts. Thanks
Still wont run. Battery light is on and its getting fuel. Im sure i need new batteries bci just had them charged. So i have no clue why it wont run.
Its hitting about 200-250 rpms, i didnt get the batteries load tested, theres no smoke, glowplugs come on, and volts are about 8-9.
Got her runnin today. Got 2 new batteries and she fired right up but now i have to replace the rear main seal. Anyone got any pointers on doin these? And thanks for all the help/info guys.
Its not fuel leak. Crawled under the truck and looked earlier and my brother in law also said its rear main.
Just got time to mess around with the truck and figured out its not the rear main the leak is coming from the back of the motor. Im guessing under my turbo somewhere. Is there anything common that goes out on the motir that can cause an oil leak. It only leaks when running. Got the day off tomorrow so ill pull the turbo and take a look.
I just replaced valve cover gaskets and thanks. Ill prolly be asking more questions tomorrow
Replaced the oil pressure sender and oil feed line to turbo. So hopefully ill be done with this.
Welp went to take the turbo off and im missing two bolts from the turbo and exhaust and one broke off in the turbo but i got it out and when i went to take the turbo off the bracket the entire stud came off with the bolt. Now i cant seem to get a socket on two of the bolts for the bracket and cant get a wrench on them because the exhaust is in the way. Would i be ok to just cut the exhaust off from under the truck and pull it through the top since i pan on getting a new 3in exhaust? Also there was alot oil that was sprayed in the back by the turbo and the fire wall so i replaced a few parts is there anything i should worry about besides the valve cover gaskets, oil pressure sender, and oil lines?
Well i need new gaskets from the turbo to down pipe and air filter but cant get crap from banks. I was goina use make a gasket but i dont know about using that cork stuff.
Finally got ahold of banks and ordered gaskets and air filter. Be here next week. Im getting excited to he able to drive it again
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