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in need of help

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Well i changed my valve cover gasket on the passenger side, put a new vaccum pump on, and replaced my fuel filter. I took my batteries out and had them charged. I found that i have red wire and black wire still unhooked and dont know where they go. I have a wire running to the alternator. Does one go to the vaccum pump? And i have a wire unplugged coming from the fuel filter. I know one goes under the fuel water seperator but idk where the other goes. I looked on ebay for a shop manual and found a 1993 but idk if it be the same on my 90. Can anyone help
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You need to know for a fact that the rear main is leaking. If there is a fuel leak from the IP, injectors, or the return system that is leaking onto the valley pan, It drains at the back and runs down the bell housing.

this repair isn't real difficult, but the engine has to come out or the tranny has to come out. Your choice but I prefer to drop the tranny. I think there are some specific details for installation (depth of seal in cover), and you want to inspect the crankshaft where the seal rides real close in case it needs a repair sleeve.
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