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Info from 6.0L user

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Admin, if there is a better place for this please let me know

Lots of stuff happening for me those day and decided to get a some info from 6.0 user. This is what I would like to know.

If you currently own or own a 6.0, this is some key point I would like to know :

  • year of the truck with miles/kms
  • delete or not (if you know the mileage/kms when would be nice)
  • issue you had (overall)
  • what is the truck is used for (mainly)
Why M'I asking..... well there will be a new member to the family that will show is face 7 month from now. So with 3 kids total, My supercab is getting really tight. been looking for a nice 7.3 crewcab but can't find one that I like so starting to consider a 6.0.
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year of the truck with miles/kms
-2005, 143k
delete or not (if you know the mileage/kms when would be nice)
-replaced with BPD EGR cooler and OEM oil cooler at 110k
issue you had (overall)
-blew the EGR cooler after I'd started getting ready to replace it, so had already switched to ELC.
-Had to replace the IPR screen a second time after everything was back together.
-Installed a P.I.E. adapter but then replaced it all with a Pioneer double-DIN unit. NICE! but then-
-Got broken into and have now added Jimmi Jammers.
what is the truck is used for (mainly)
-daily commute with rare hauling

The 6.0L is an amazing engine, if you catch it before it's too late and take care if the things that need to be done. You do need to do it yourself because finding somebody you can trust to get it right is hard, and paying somebody is too expensive. So if you're not looking for a hobby, it may not be for you.
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