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Info from 6.0L user

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Admin, if there is a better place for this please let me know

Lots of stuff happening for me those day and decided to get a some info from 6.0 user. This is what I would like to know.

If you currently own or own a 6.0, this is some key point I would like to know :

  • year of the truck with miles/kms
  • delete or not (if you know the mileage/kms when would be nice)
  • issue you had (overall)
  • what is the truck is used for (mainly)
Why M'I asking..... well there will be a new member to the family that will show is face 7 month from now. So with 3 kids total, My supercab is getting really tight. been looking for a nice 7.3 crewcab but can't find one that I like so starting to consider a 6.0.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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