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Info from 6.0L user

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Admin, if there is a better place for this please let me know

Lots of stuff happening for me those day and decided to get a some info from 6.0 user. This is what I would like to know.

If you currently own or own a 6.0, this is some key point I would like to know :

  • year of the truck with miles/kms
  • delete or not (if you know the mileage/kms when would be nice)
  • issue you had (overall)
  • what is the truck is used for (mainly)
Why M'I asking..... well there will be a new member to the family that will show is face 7 month from now. So with 3 kids total, My supercab is getting really tight. been looking for a nice 7.3 crewcab but can't find one that I like so starting to consider a 6.0.
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2006 with 192k on the clock, owned it since new. Used daily as my work truck. Mostly hauling; I've only towed with it a handful of times. I do haul heavy at times though, and I've got some 3+ ton dump tickets to prove it.

Deleted at 80k (I think).

Issues? I'm not sure I've had any of which I wasn't the cause. I had exactly one repair done under factory warranty; a replacement FICM. Upon thinking about it I had a set of batteries going bad at the 2 year mark, and spent well over a month crutching the batteries because I couldn't believe they were bad (thought I had a electrical draw issue). Well, the batteries were bad. I'm confident that crutching them along caused an eventual FICM failure due to low input voltage.

I lost a trans at 68k, but having run tuning since 12k via an Edge Evo I am sure that the tuning is what wasted the trans. Edge is known for that. I replaced the failed trans with a Ford reman, which is still in the truck today with no mods. Since 120k I've been making literally double the factory HP (about 660).

I lost a HG on the RH bank at 120k, but that's also after hot tunes since 12k, and be forewarned, the design of the 6.0 is such that at some point they are all going to suffer a HG failure. I've seen them fail at 40k; I've seen them fail at 220k, but fail they will. Stock, tuned, it doesn't matter. If you buy a 6.0 prepare to bulletproof it if you want it to be drop dead reliable. Figure that into the cost, etc. Its much better to be prepared for it than to try and drop back and punt when it fails.

IMO, learn for our mistakes. All the info you will ever need is on this forum. Read, read, read, and read about maintenance and bulletproofing. Knowledge is all it takes to have a reliable 6.0.

Congrats on the newest member of your family. I'm in the same boat, my wife's expecting sometime in July. My 6.0 will ferry this one around the way its done my 5 year old all his life.
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Oh, yeah, average MPG is about 14 city/mixed and 16 highway. I had one run where I got 18mpg highway, but that was during a 5 hour trip where I hit no traffic at all and on roads where the grade was pretty level. Seemed like a fluke, but I hand calculated it so I know it was correct. I've found if you want to be a miser don't use the cruise. You can actually get better mileage by ever so slightly adjusting pedal pressure to keep boost low and get better mileage. I typically don't care. I'm rolling hard because time is a factor during the work day. But, the truck makes so much power that I rarely ever need to give it more than 1/2 throttle to get what I want from it.
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