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From Cody Curry on the 6.7 Facebook Group:

Alright Guys.! This is going to be a very long but informational post about the All new 2017 6.7's attended the Ford Truck Round up today!
Had the opportunity to drag race, tow, and slalom with the new 17 6.7. I also got to drive the duramax and cummins to compare. Duraturd had a CEL ON? and another was stuck in regen...
First, the 6.7's are absolutely incredible. The amount of power and new available features are incredible. Stupid fast for a stock truck.
Towed 10k with it.. Spun tires with it loaded!
I was very very disappointed in the 6.7 cummins... Towed 10k lbs with it and was very disappointed. Slow all around.
Duramax was great unloaded. Fast but not 6.7 fast. Loaded, you could definitely tell the Duramax was under load
Up to 40000 lbs GCWR!
Improved engine braking system
All new fuel system!!! They Claimed this was a potential failure for older 6.7's so they "upgraded"
Bigger HPFP & bigger injectors was their exact words So HUGE potential now for you delete and tune guys! Big fuel!! That's where they are gonna get the extra HP&TQ numbers from

Doors will be 100% interchangeable from a f150 to 250 or 350

The platinum and King Ranch will have stock power deploying running boards!

Xlt has only gone up roughly 400-600 bucks on base model due to a couple more standard features.
Xl is 170 bucks I believe
Lariat is 1300

You have your choice of trans temp gauge, boost gauge, and def fluid gauge

New bed ramp set up that will have 1600lbs rated ramps that can store securely in truck bed via lock

Zero other changes to turbo, trans, engine, etc.
These truck will have over 900 ft lbs of torque. Really tried to press these guys hard on the exact numbers but they still won't tell just yet.
BUT Expect somewhere around the 940-960 torque with an update in 6 months to hit over 1000 after initial release bugs are worked out.

Aluminum front drive shaft and painted rear drive shaft. Not more rusty Ugly drive shaft!
Small led spotlights built into mirrors

They are so incredible.
At this point, there's nothing that separates them from a Mercedes Benz
Absolutely smoke all other competition


Shaved 350 total lbs off entire truck

Adaptive steering!
Changes the ratio of drivers speed and revolutions of wheel

Adaptive Cruise control!
Lane keeping system!

Blind spot monitoring
7 available cameras

Individual TPMS ??
Can also monitor up to 6 wheels tp via radar
Now with available 48 gallon fuel tank!!

And 7.5 gallon def (who cares)
Test ability... "We are shooting for a 300k mile powertrain without need for major overhaul" pretty impressive. Their exact words. Over 1 million miles of testing
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