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Injector buzz sounds WEAK....

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My truck has developed a problem over the last 6 months. On cold (ambient) starts the injectors sound really weak. It always starts but again a weak start. Then runs rough for a few seconds, then smooths out at idle. However, until it gets hot (180* O.T. or so)it runs rough anywhere over 2k. Once it gets hot it runs fine aside from the occasional surging when its been run for awhile. (1.5-2 hrs on the highway)

Oil change before last, back in the spring, i noticed a little white smoke at revs between 2-3k, again until it warmed up. I checked the FICM and it was a little low, so I replaced it. Havnt seen any smoke since then, but the miss when cold is still there.

The problem seems to be worst right after oil changes. I assume because the fresh oil is a little "thicker" than the old sheared down stuff. I assumed it was most likely a problem with "stiction" but I'm curious how much that would affect the sound of the injector buzz when cycling the key.

Any input would be appreciated! (except cummins swap :nono:)
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