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Injector fuel return lines

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Hello everyone, I have ran into a problem while trying to change my fuel return lines for the injectors and pump. I got the kit that has the washers, hose, hose clamps and the fitting that go around the injectors well I noticed that some of the fittings make a "T" on my truck (in the kit there are 8 fittings for all the injectors) but turns out none of the new ones I bought made a "T" shape. they are all 2 ways and elbow shaped fittings I tried looking online but wasn't able to find and kits that had the 3 way "T" shape fitting so is there a different way Im supposed to route all the hose or do I need to go through a ford dealer to get what I need???
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My factory turbo IDI had the following routing:

Try Midwest Fuel injection.
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