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Injector Pump AKA IP

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Anyone ever use an IP from Autozone the Champion brand. They are reasonably inexpensive compared to most others and no core charge. Being as I changed all the injectors and it is recommended to replace the IP also. Just wondering /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif

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I called about it too and they asked me if my truck is 166hp or 185hp. I don't know, but there is a price differnce $229 for 166hp and $289 for 185hp. For that price it is worth taking the chance on these cheap IP's. Please let me know ASAP on how it works out.
91' F-250 7.3IDI
When I called this time they asked me a if it was artic or non-artic, does anyone know anything about this??????
Fixed my signature. Did they ask you the artic question OLDBILL? Also if you look at the sicker on the passangers side valve cover, it has the 7.3 listed as 166hp and 185hp. I'm still lost.
So how do I know if I have the 166hp motor?
So my understanding for Artic injection pumps (after doing a little searching) are that it is designed for lower viscosity fuels. In my case that is vegetable oil. Yes this pump it $120 more, but for me it is worth it. Here is an article I found, not right on topic, but explains the difference a bit.
O and thankyou aceohearts for explaning about the hole in the sticker. It was hard to see if you didnt know it was there.
1 - 6 of 37 Posts
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