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Injector Pump AKA IP

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Anyone ever use an IP from Autozone the Champion brand. They are reasonably inexpensive compared to most others and no core charge. Being as I changed all the injectors and it is recommended to replace the IP also. Just wondering /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif

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If he is moving to Edmonton Alberta he prolly aught to get the Artic 185 HP. I would think. What is MWIF?

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OB when I regularly went to Florida for winters from Canada, we tied a snowshoe on the truck grill when travelling the first gas station when the guy said "what's that" we knew we were far enough south for the winter.

Edmonton is not ARCTIC believe me, I flew out of there to the arctic regularly for 5 years on Twin Otters and Hercs.........
CD That's funny. This dam Ohio is Artic one day then Florida the next. I just don't drive on the Artic day's.

Edit 3PM Got the IP installed and tuned up runs great in the driveway. Took a little longer , line to #7 leaking at IP, Murphy's Law. Jumpered to advance sol. and didn't speed up so guess I'm set pretty close. 2 more days on this SOB and I get my ASE certification LOL. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif

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My valve cover has 166 and 185 also, can't read the whole thing but it looks like the amount of fuel injected determines the HP.

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Most of the valve cover stickers I've seen have 2 HP levels printed on them. If you look closely, one of them will have a small circle punched out right next to it. That marks which HP level that engine was built at. My '83 for example has a tag for 155hp and 170hp, but it's the 155 that is marked.
Oldbull keep the news coming I think I'm looking at the same pump shortly.
There is only two pumps. One rated for the 155hp is for the N/A version. The next is for the turbo version 190hp or (185) close enough. It is a better pump with a bigger piston in it. These are the only 2 different pumps available. The on with the bigger piston is the same one that DPS used to modify for IDI performance.
Wrong, there's a 165 N/A high altitude engine, and at the same time, same years a 185HP N/A low altitude engine was also offered.
As Aceohearts says above, [ QUOTE ]
If you look closely, one of them will have a small circle punched out right next to it.

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So my understanding for Artic injection pumps (after doing a little searching) are that it is designed for lower viscosity fuels. In my case that is vegetable oil. Yes this pump it $120 more, but for me it is worth it. Here is an article I found, not right on topic, but explains the difference a bit.
O and thankyou aceohearts for explaning about the hole in the sticker. It was hard to see if you didnt know it was there.
Suppose we aught to end this thread.Took the truck for a test drive Sunday, but FIPL was set wrong, shifting was really harsh, got it set today OK 1.120, cain't hardly feel it shift, just a little into OD. Went for a 40 mile drive and seems like it,s using a little more fuel now, might have the IP not set quite right. Advanced too far? I'm still a 1/16th to the right of the line up marks and by powering the advance solenoid I don't get a speed up. Soon as all my Knuckles and arms heal up and my broken toe from dropping the IP on it, gonna take her for a longer ride down to the gambling joint in Indiana and see if I can recover some of the costs. CD I get my ASE certf. Thursday from the school of hard knocks LOL. Thanks for all the help. And thank God for long reach magnets.

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Get it dynamically timed using the correct equipment if you want peak performance and economy. Timing by ear is OK, but your never sure until your sure.
Any word on how you new pump is doing yet? I'm kinda' in the market myself and the price sounds attractive. I looked on Autozone's website and couldn't find a listing for the pump though. Would you happen to still have the part number?
devilish search azone under a 1993 model year.
autozone barely has anything on their website.. my brother works at one. you need to call up the store and just ask them. i think its quicker and easier anyway
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noone can give you a ansewr on autozone cause each one has there own supplery ,so you would have to find someone near you.
How is the pump doing? Mine is starting to leak.
Be advised that you can now get Chinese Stanadyne pumps. I have no idea what quality they have, but I suspect if it sounds too good to be true, it is probably from China.

Love their philosophy! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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In case others missed it:

The Philosophy Of Our Company

Greater the higher-quality and more competitive-price product for the whole world with our intelligence and hard work.
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