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Injector pump, etc

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If I turn up the pump for more fuel, do I have to make any other adjustments? And as for watching the pyrometer, I don't have one installed in my truck.Is it worth putting in a older truck?What is the normal reading for exhaust gases,or a limit not to go over? And is it normal for my truck to be screaming at 50 mph? I have a c6 trans in my'87 4wd. I used to have a '96 7.3 w/turbo,and that could run at 80 mph all day. Just want to know if that's normal. Thanks, Jack
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How much of a pain would it be to swap out the c6 for a E4 OD? I'm thinking this might be the way to go. I don't think I have any computer stuff in my truck--does the e4 use any? 1987 f350 4x4 6.9 IDI C-6
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