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Injector pump, etc

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If I turn up the pump for more fuel, do I have to make any other adjustments? And as for watching the pyrometer, I don't have one installed in my truck.Is it worth putting in a older truck?What is the normal reading for exhaust gases,or a limit not to go over? And is it normal for my truck to be screaming at 50 mph? I have a c6 trans in my'87 4wd. I used to have a '96 7.3 w/turbo,and that could run at 80 mph all day. Just want to know if that's normal. Thanks, Jack
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The C-6 will run you at high rpm because it is only a 3 speed. You probably have 4.11 gears too. The pyro is the first thing you need if you are going to turn up the fuel. Pistons will melt at 1225 deg. Some here "say" they run at this temp but thats not possible but fun reading anyway. Banks has a limit of 1050 so do most other turbo builders. I will run about 1050 for a very short time. The temp will drop fast just as you get out of the peddle. If you turn up the fuel without a pyro you may see aluminum moving down the exhaust system. Turning up the fuel is like driving with a bag over your head. You really don't have any idea whats going on. Think about covering up the instrument cluster. Now /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/eek.gif add a load and pull a hill.....
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