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Hello All,
My question doesn't quite fit in any one spot so I'll try here first.
I have an early 94 turbo diesel, this has an idi pump, a Banks turbo and is not a Power Stroke. Its pump is starting to hard start and sometimes needs cooling to restart when warm and a block heater helps when cold.
I also have a parked 91 na 7.3 which has a pump with only 60k on.
So my questions

1) I know the part numbers differ but they do look identical on a cursory inspection. Are they interchangeable ?

2) My comfort level to tackle a pump job is fine, but I have not done one of these before and wonder if there are any tricky bits with timing, priming, adjusting the pump or specialty tools I should be ready to make.

3) My other option is to just swap motors, thoughts ?

Thanks, Jo
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