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injector question

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my 97 has 205,000 miles on it, I think it has AB injectors. I bought AA with 85,000 on them. Will these work in my truck? I'm thinking about diy stage1's in the spring. Should I use the AB's if the tolerances are good and save the AA's for a rainy day or possiable stage2's in the future or just use the AA's? I'm also thinking about doing a 17*hpop upgrade. What year 7.3's are these on and is it worth it?
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As to your question about the 17* pump. It's only going to sheer/breakdown your oil faster, than your stock pump.

It will pump more volume. The only real reason to need more volume is you putting in bigger injectors.

If I've understood all I've read on it, up to stage 1's or hybrids, the stock 15* pump is pretty sufficient. Stage 2's and up, you'll need/want... 17* pump or aftermarket dual pump setup.

What are your plans with the truck? Daily driver, towing, or competition.

If your AB's aren't within specs, they can be machined to bring them in line.
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