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Injector rebuild in NJ

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Im looking to get my injectors rebuilt to stage 1's. Trucks been smoking on cold starts and Im guessing its the injector seals. While I have them out I would like to try to get some more power out of it. I know I can do it myself but I dont have any of the tools needed to tear them down. Also having trouble finding anyone that sells Stage 1 rebuild kit. Does anyone out there know someone in NJ who is good with 7.3's and/or injector's?? I think I'm just going to buy a set off of Ebay and then just sell mine when I install rebuilds. Truck is daily driver. Any help would be appreciated.

* I would also like to keep an eye on the EGT and trans temp. Anyone know of a good multi function gauge that I can mount in a steering column bezel that I have on order. Was looking at Glow shift 3in1 gauge. Seems like a good deal. probes and sensors included @ $180.

Thanks in advanced.
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