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injectors and it's been a while

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Been off line a while, but last weekend at 338,200 miles I decided to change the injectors $32 bucks a pop at the local diesel shop). Yikes what a difference. I guess these things go bad slowly enough that you get conditioned. Anyway, relatively speaking the diesel clatter "disappeared" much smoother running, more power by seat of the pants, way less smoke I'm very pleased. Suspect weak springs were making one or more pop early screwing up the advance and leakage and poor patterns responsible for the rest ... don't really know just like the result. Asked the guy about testing the new ones...looked at me like I was from Mars...thought I'd save my money. Anyway for those of you with high mileage on your injectors it's worth considering. Next weekend a new radiator (from the local dealer, almost ashamed to admit it but about $390, sign...probably stupid but it looks just like the original and all the other ones I looked at looked pretty anemic in comparison. It's a pleasure to tune into the forum again.

Good luck with your trucks.

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