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Installing intake

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I have a 2006 F350 SD, with MAC intake, im taklng it into the dealership to get a FICM replaced and want to install the stock intake.

I dont have one so i borrowed a buddies stock one from his 05. The thing is his has a IAT sensor and mine has a MAF sensor, so it wont fit in the intake. Is there anyway i can make this work ????

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Thats what i thought. I took my truck in to a dealer ship in december, had egr cooler repair done. Took it to the same dealership a few weeks ago, no warrranty cause they suspect a chip. Loser service advisor thought my electronic boost gauge wiring was for a chip. I went back there said no chip this is for my boost gauge. He said oh well we still cant do it, you have intake and exhaust and there probably was a chip on it at some point. I said you just worked on it 2000kms ago in the exact same state. Ya well fords being strict with us now and you could have modified in that time. We cant help you, but pay the $250 diagnostic fee. So mad.

So im going to the other dealership and just dont want any excuses, my exhaust should be fine, still has a cat. I hoping i can some how get back the money i wasted at the other dealership but not banking on it.
Took it to another dealership, no problem whatsoever fixed and ready to go. Dropped it off last night, ready this morning at 10 am. Is there anyway i can get my $250 back from the other dealership that charged me to tell me it was the FICM but no warranty because we dont want the liability?
yeah call ford and they will get your money back.
are you being serious, or is that sarcasm?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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