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To install one of these (way bigger than
OEM!) keep this in mind:

Install a washer under each mounting flange to raise the alternator higher clearing bracket underneath or as you torque it down it will twist locking bearings from turning.

Need to ream out cable eye as m8 stud is bigger than the stock charging cable on 7.3’s.

Good idea to run second cable with a fuse to drivers side battery, stock charge cable isn’t the thickest.

Stock pulley needs swapping from old to new alternator, be sure to put washer behind pullley so it doesn’t scrape housing. Use an air gun to remove and install.

Factory control wire plug is just plug n play.

Need to clock charge cable at 3pm so it doesn’t stick up higher than alternator which is close to hitting the underside of the hood.



Watch it doesn’t hit here underneath

Washer there to space it up
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