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Instrument cluster ?

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Does anyone have instructions on removing the instrument cluster. i need to get in their and check my oil pressure gauge. Also I think I can change out just the oil pressure and temp. gauges alone on the cluster?? is this right?? Anyone have pics of the backside of a cluster?
Thanks Layne
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It's not too hard to remove. Pop the two dash trim pieces just below the cluster on each side of the steering wheel(spring clips). Remove two screws. If you have tilt wheel, put it in the lowest position. Take knob off headlight switch. Gently but firmly pull the cluster cover toward you. Unhook wiring from fuel tank switch and the warning light cluster. (Also, if you have any mods in this piece, now is the time to unhook them.) Remove the screws holding the cluster. Pull the cluster toward you. Before it will completely remove, disconnect two wire harness connectors from the back of the cluster(One horizontal, the other vertical. They each have a tab on each side of their long aspect that must be depressed for removal.). It's out! Check all the bulbs while it's out too. The gauges are paired up but the speedo & tach are individually mounted. Have fun!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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