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I was wondering if anyone has ideas about why my intake air temperatures might be running hotter than they usually do. I've noticed lately that running very low load (55-65 mph) around 5 psi boost, 75 degree ambient temps and my intake temp is running about 130-140. They only thing I've done to the truck lately is remove the throttle plate from the body. However, I also re-installed my Juice Platinum which had been removed to test another theory I had. Before without the Platinum I don't know if the temps were high or if the plate had something to do with it.

I am thinking the egr valve might be opening more/sticking open so I pulled it back out and cleaned it. Same result. Pulled intake air temp sensor and cleaned the $&!t off but it didn't seem to help either. I can't imagine that throttle plate would cause that symptom but I'm not exactly sure. The coolant and oil temps are staying right at normal (186-200) and the delta temp between the two seems to be ok at 10 degrees or so. Just wondering if any experiences have been similar. Thanks all..

On edit: EGT's are staying well within resonable temps while this is going on; about 700 while cruising. Also engine has never been flahed since new. Delivered 06/04. Am going to take it in after next service for inductive heat flash and trans calibration for the buck/jerk while heavy towing. (If anyone has experience with that trans cal. I would like to hear.)
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