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interesting comments on LSD v. ULSD in 08

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This months PSR magazine includes an article/tour of the Inianapolis Engine Plant.

Comment from the folks there state that LSD can be run in the engine with no harm other than more frequent regens
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By Grampy_Jim:

There are many things we can do with or to a truck once with little in the way of ill effects.... repeat the same thing time and again and the situation can change. Like driving in a nail with a hammer... it can take several blows... the last one is the one that counts.

[/ QUOTE ]

The factory, who makes the engine, would obviously know all about the effects of using LSD in their engine. And they are telling us all that will happen is more frequent regens. Folks racking up the miles with LSD are having no issues. Ford claims increased oil dilution (which would require more frequent oil changes) and they even offer a LSD retrofit.
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