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Battery light has been flickering on over the last year or so. Batteries were only 6 months old but one morning it wouldn't start so they were both replaced under warranty. Alternator was 10 years old, but I replaced it under lifetime warranty as well. Battery light still comes on after running for about 15 minutes. The only original battery terminal was the large positive terminal on the passenger side, I cut the cables out of it and replaced the terminal with a flag terminal. It definitely turns over much faster now and lights are brighter... but the battery light still comes on after running 20-30 minutes. Sometimes it goes off, sometimes not. This truck seldom gets used for more than an hour at a time as it's pretty much a feed truck now with a hay spike on it. But it is used daily. It used to just flicker then go it comes on almost every day and stays lit. Start the truck the next day and it repeats the same process.

A new positive cable is around $110. I can build my own out of heavy welding cable and solder ends on for less. I've checked every connection, disconnected the hay spike, wiggled all the wires looking for a short I can, and have not found anything. There is a slight oil leak onto the starter...but all connections are good. Running, battery voltage is 14+. Not running, 12.7ish.

Any ideas? Truck runs and drives great, even with 360,000 miles on it, I just don't like service lights on.

Thanks in advance for your response. Merry Christmas.
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