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Intermittent Gauge Cluster issue….ideas?

A few weeks ago I had a strange issue with my gauge cluster in my 05’ F250. I fired up the truck, and put it in 4-low …as soon as I shifted the transfer case into 4x4, the display on the gauge cluster popped up a TBC error fault, the check engine and wrench light came on, the odometer read “- - - - - - - - - - - -“, and the speedo and tach went dead….but the truck still idled and ran just fine. I shut it off, restarted the truck……..and everything worked fine. I scanned the truck for any fault codes, nope…nothing, no faults of any kind. I tried shifting the transfer case into 4L and back into 2H again…worked fine, no issues. I figured it was just a fluke…..

Fast forward a week….and I’m at the campground with my family last weekend with our camper. I fire up the truck in the morning, the dash display instantly does the same thing….TBC fault display, no odometer, tach, speedo, and check engine light. Crap! Well, I let the truck idle for a few minutes…..all of a sudden, the TBC fault clears, and everything starts working again. Never had a problem the rest of the day.

I’ve checked the plugs going into the gauge cluster…nothing appeared to be lose. I might try calling circuit board medics and see what they think….but I’m sure they will want to just rebuild the gauge cluster….because that’s what they get paid to do.

So does this sound like the common gauge cluster problem…..or something else? The thing about it doing it as soon as I shifted the transfer case into 4low doesn’t make any sense to me…..along with getting a TBC fault, that’s odd also.

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