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I hardly ever drive my truck anymore. For the last few months, it was doing the "back out of the garage so I could move my workbench out from the wall and then pull it in again" routine.

For the last 2-3 moves, it seemed that the truck was taking longer than usual to start. Normally, the truck would start on the 6th or 7th chug (glow plugs used). Maybe 3 or 4 chugs when warm.

I noticed that it was cranking a little slow (batteries were not getting charged) but it was just a slight slow down. Anyway, I drove the truck until it was warm and noticed that it would still take a larger than usual number of chugs (I guess revolutions is the right word...) even when the batteries were fully charged. I also noticed that the engine would sound really "rattly" for about the first 1-2 second when it was started when warm. The "rattle" was not a knock, but more like what you'd get if you shook a can of marbles. The engine was not bucking or running slow.

Anyway, I get paranoid about this and started to fret as I was supposed to pick up a 32' RV trailer for the weekend. After I drove about 15 miles to the RV place, everything was back to normal (I did a few starts before picking up the RV and we had to start it a few times at the lot to hook the trailer up). The truck functioned normally over the weekend, and I have driven it a few times over the last week and it still seems OK.

Coolant is OK, GPR is OK. I did have to have my injectors re o-ringed a year ago and the tech said the UVCH looked fine.

I am pretty good about noticing small changes with machinery, and this is the first time I have observed anything like this with the truck. In the past, when the batteries would get drained (due to the out of the garage and into the garage routine), the engine would still start fine when warm and it would not be "rattly".

I am just throwing this out there in case someone has had a similar experience and has any ideas on what the cause might have been.

Happy motoring...
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