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Just thought I'd let y'all know about an intermittent no-start that was driving me crazy for almost two years. I posted it here twice and even the collected wisdom of this forum couldn't lead me to a solution.

It would happen only on damp, moderately cool mornings. When the sun came out and the air warmed up, it would start; and all other times were also OK. Checked the glow plugs, GPR, CPS, looked for water in the fuel. Nothing came up.

Finally one damp morning I gave up and had it towed to my diesel expert. Turns out a mouse had apparently eaten the insulation off the CPS loom just enough that when there was condensation on the loom, it would short out. When the loom was dry it would work fine. A new loom solved the problem.

Reminds me of a problem sometimes suffered by backpackers here in the Sierra Nevada. Returning to their car after a week's hike, they sometimes discover that little critters have been teething under the hood and the hikers are now in for an expensive tow.
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