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Just looking for updated International / Ford parts list to keep in favorites /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif
I do some work on 2000 and 2001 Powerstrokes as well as my 96 / 97

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Here's some that I copied from a previous post. I don't know who did this but maybe it's a good start. Have you seen them....?

7.3L Power Stroke Parts List

This list is a compilation of part numbers that I originally combined from several others. Additions and corrections have been made as I aquire new or updated part numbers either personally or through the contribution of others. It is currently primarily for 94-97 PSD's, but some newer parts are being added.

The origin of the original list is unknown to me, but thanks to Swamp, Dieselmann, The_Alaskan, Patrick, and the countless others who have posted part numbers to help fellow PSD owners.
While I attempt to keep this list as accurate as possible, it no doubt contains many errors and outdated numbers,
so double check before spending money on a part.

This list is for informational purposes only. I have no affiliation with any Company listed here. All trademarked names are the property of their owners. No guarantees of accuracy or suitability for any use are to be implied.

Accelerator Pedal Assembly
See "Throttle Assembly"
APCM (Auxilliary Idle Controller)
(Ford) F5PZ-12B641-AA
(Ford) F5TF-12B641-AD with LCD display
APCM (Auxilliary Idle Controller) wiring harness
(Ford) XC3Z-14A411-AA
Air Dam
(Ford) F2TZ17626A
(Ford) F2TZ17626B
(Ford) F3TZ17626B (Fiberglass for Ford Lightning)
ACT Air Charge Temp Sensor
(Ford) F5AZ-12A697A (Plastic, in air filter housing)
(Ford) F3VY-12A647-A (Metal, in air filter housing)
Air Cleaner Housing Cover 94-97 F-series (Updated Cover)
(Ford) F6TZ-9661-AB
Air Cleaner Housing Nuts 94-97 F-series (Updated Spring Loaded Steel Nuts)
(Ford) F7TZ-9B680-AA
Air Cleaner Housing Assy 99 F-series
(Ford) F81Z-9600-BA
(Ford) XC3Z-9K635-AA (99.5 F-series--modification kit)
Air Filter (Stock)
(Amsoil) S1968 (2-Stage Oiled Foam, Washable)
(Ford) F5TZ-9601-A
(K&N) E-1946
(Motorcraft) FA-1617 (F-Series)
(Motorcraft) FA-1618 (Econoline)
(Napa) 6417
Air Filter, Open Element (Tymar, Etc)
(Baldwin) PA2818
(Donaldson) B085011
(Fleetguard) AH1141
(K&N) RE-0860 (~12" long w/4" opening)
(Napa) 54-6637 (it seems this doesn't work when looking it up on Napa's website,
but others have said this is the Napa labeled Donaldson and they have to order it)
Air Filter Gauge
(Ford) F7TZ-9N622-AA
(Ford) F5UU-10300-CA 215Amp Ambulance alternator
(Motorcraft) GL504RM 130A
Antifoaming Additive (counters RTV reaction with oil)
(Fleetrite) CH1824392
(Lubrizol) 888
Auto Hub Lock Grease
(Ford) E1TZ-19590-A
Battery Cable, Positive
(Interstate) 2114-001 ($59.95)
Bed Mount Insulators/Bushings 6 needed
(Ford) E9TZ-5C036-A
(See Serpentine Belt)
Block Heater w/o Cord
(Ford) F4TZ-6A051-A
Block Heater Cord
(Ford) F4TZ-6B018-B
(Napa) cheaper, dont have P/N
Brake booster ZERO LOSS
(Ford) F5TZ-2005-CA
Brake Master Cylinder Sensor (at the end of MC)
(Ford) F3TZ-9F924-BB (original)
(Ford) 1L1Z-9G652-AA (replacement for recalled switches)
Brake Pads
(Bendix) MDK655FM (fleet grade)
(Ford) XU2Z-2V001-ASA (Autolite with hardware)
Brake Shoes
(Bendix) AF583 (semi-metallic)
(Energy Suspension) 4-7110 (radius arm; polyurethane 93-98 2WD F250-F350)
(Energy Suspension) 4-5106 (front sway arm; polyurethane)
(Energy Suspension) 4-5104 (rear sway arm; polyurethane)
(Energy Suspension) 4-4107 (Body mount bushings, 1980-1996)
(Energy Suspension) 4.3121 (2) (Axle Pivot Bushings, 90-96 2WD)
(Energy Suspension) 4.7115 (Track Arm Bushing 85-98 F350 4WD)
(Energy Suspension) See Page (Leaf Spring Bushings)
Bypass Filter
(Amsoil) BMK11 (base)
(Amsoil) SDF99 (spin-on filter)
(Amsoil) BE100 (replacement filter)
(Baldwin) OB1305 (base)
(Baldwin) B164 (large filter)
(Baldwin) B50 (smaller filter)
Camshaft Bearings, up to 8/1995, maybe later.
(International) 1812317-C92
Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS)
(Ford) F6TZ-12K073-A 94-96
(Ford) F7TZ-12K073-A 97+
(International) 1821720C99 (below engine 375548)
(International) 1825899C93 (above engine 375548)
(International) 1807339C92 (DT466 CPS, reported to advance timing, and stronger signal)
Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS) O-Ring
(Ford) F81Z-12B615-BA
See "O-Rings" for Individual O-Ring sizes
Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS) shim kit
(International) 1826583C91
Catalytic Converter Delete Pipe
(Ford) F4TZ-5A212V
(Ford) XC2Z-5A212-AA (SD type, cheap but must be shortened)
(LuK) 07-154TFW (replacement 12" used w/SMFW; incl. SMFW)
(LuK) 07-127 (12-1/4" clutch replacement)
Clutch Master Cylinder
(Ford) F2TZ-7A543-D (96-97)
Clutch, Throwout Bearing
(BCA) FC65662
CMP Sensor
(see Camshaft Position Sensor)
Coil Spring Shim, Height adjusting/leveling, F250 2wd
(Ford) 389117-S2 (service part, washer goes under coil spring)
Column parts;
see steering and shift
Coolant Eye
(John Deere) TY16423
Coolant Filter (Aftermarket Remote Filter with Spin on, many types)
(Baldwin) B5134 (No SCA) restricted flow
(Fleetguard) WF2077 (No SCA) restricted flow
(Donaldson) P554685 (No SCA)
(hastings) WC8 (No SCA)
(Napa) 4070
(Purolator) PW4451
(Fram) PR3383
(Fleetrite) WFR82077
(AC Delco) WF108
(Wix) 24045
Coolant Filter, for International Water pump with filter
(Fleetguard) WF2071 (with SCA)
(Donaldson) P552071 (with SCA)
(Fleetguard) WF2070 (No SCA)
(Donaldson) P552071 (No SCA)
(Hastings) WC6 (No SCA)
(Nalcool) NF3000 (No SCA)
(Napa) 4020, 4022, 4023, 4026, 4030, 4071, 4072 (interchange, not sure of length fit)
(Purolator) PW283, PW4452, PW4453, W54452, W54453
(Fram) PR3304, PR3908
(AC Delco) WF100, WF113, WF4
Coolant Supplemental Additive
(Fleetguard) DCA5
(Ford) FW-15/FW-16
Coolant Temp Sender
(F1SZ-10884-A (for gauge, mounts on water pump)
(F4TZ-10884-B (for overheat light, RH front of block)
Coolant Test Strips
(Fleetguard) CC6202 (50)
(Fleetguard) CC2602A (four strips)
(Fleetguard) CC2602B (one strip)
(see Camshaft Position Sensor)
Crankcase Breather (CCV) O-Rings
(Ford) F4TZ-6769-A (small; seals screw head; 1/pack)
(Ford) F4TZ-6769-C (large; seals breather adapter to valve cover; 2/pack)
(International) 1824452C2 (Small, 2 needed)
(International) 1820784C2 (large, 3 sided, 2 needed)
See "O-Rings" for Individual O-Ring sizes
Dana 50 TTB Hub Lock Nut Tool
(OTC) 7158
Dana 50 TTB
(Ford) F6TZ-3N105-BB (spindle nut, washer, gasket, autohub bolt, retainer kit)
(Napa) BK1 (spindle bearing, inner & outer seal rebuild kit)
(Napa) 22311 (inner spindle)
(Napa) 711818 (outer spindle)
(Napa) 27452 (hub seals)
(Napa) B2110 (spindle bearings)
(Timken) 382A (wheel bearing; inner race)
(Timken) 387A (wheel bearing; inner bearing)
(Timken) SET38 (wheel bearing; outer bearing w/race)
Dana 50 TTB Wheel Bearings
(BCA) SET A-38
Dana 50 Grease Seal (NAT) 415960
(CR) 27467
Dana 60
(Ford) E0TZ-3C140-B Spindle to knuckle bolt
(Ford) B8TZ-4322-A Spindle to knuckle nut
(Dana/Spicer) 706047X Carrier Bearing/Race
(Dana/Spicer) 706046X Inner Pinion Bearing/Race
(Dana/Spicer) 706045X Outer Pinion Bearing/Race
(Dana/Spicer) 76659-1X left axle assy
(Dana/Spicer) 76659-2X right axle assy
Inner axle seal (updated)...52148...Dana/Spicer
Pinion seal...42449...Dana/Spicer
Spindle bearing & seal kit...700014...Dana/Spicer
Inner spindle grease seal '92-'97...BRS-87...Motorcraft also F2TZ-1S175-CA...Ford
Outer axle stub (30 spline)...49803...Dana/Spicer
Axle U-joints (greaseable)...3-0332...Neapco
-Brake dust shield '94 (may fit earlier years) left...F2TZ-2K005-A... Ford
-Brake dust shield '94 (may fit earlier years) right...F2TZ-2K004-A..Ford
-Trac bar frame bracket...E5TA-3A094-AA...Ford

-4" Blocks...F81A-5598.DB (on block)...Ford
-Rotors '84-'88 '90-'94...BRR-7 (Motorcraft)..YL3Z-1V125-AA (Ford)
-Front leaf spring bushing...4.212G (black)...Energy Suspension
-Trac arm bushing...4.7115G (black)...Energy Suspension
-F350 Sway bar bushing...4.5126G (black)...Energy Suspension
-Rear leaf spring bushing w/ common type bushing (metal outer sleeve)..4.2114G (black)..Energy Suspension
-F250/350 Outer hub bearing/race '94-'97...A-38...BCA/Fed Mog
-F250/350 Inner hub bearing '94-'97...387A...BCA/Fed Mog
-F250/350 Inner hub race '94-'97...382A...BCA/Fed Mog
-F250/350 Inner hub seal '94-'97...415960...National/Fed Mog
-F350 driver's side tie rod '94-'96...ES3009R...Moog/Fed Mog
-F350 Pitman arm to tie rod '94-'96...ES3009R...Moog/Fed Mog
-F350 Sleeve (steering components) '94-'96...ES2012S... Moog/Fed Mog
-F350 Pitman arm to passenger side tie rod '94-'96...DS1068... Moog/Fed Mog
-F350 Steering arm to steering arm connecting tie rod '94-'95...DS1071...Moog/Fed Mog
-F350 Upper Ball joint '94-'97...K80026...Moog/Fed Mog
-F350 Lower Ball joint '94-'97...K8607T...Moog/Fed Mog
-F350 0* Camber/Caster bushing '94-'99...K8958...Moog/Fed Mog
-U-joint C.V. joint greaseable...2-4800HD (Neapco)...5-213X (Spicer)
-U-joint yoke side greaseable...2-4900HD (Neapco)...5-231X (Spicer)
-C.V. centering assy...R2-21-1179...Rockford
Dash Pad
(Ford) F2TZ-1504282-BAD (mocha/tan)
Daytime Running Lights Module (Check Ebay, they are often pulled off Canadian wrecks and auctioned)
(Ford) F43Z-15A272-A
Door Latch
(Ford) F2TZ-1521813-A
Door Darts (Inside Panel Push Fasteners) (also available at almost any parts store)
(Ford) N802900-S
Door Inside Panel
(Ford) F4TZ-1523943-BAD (mocha/tan)
Door panel light (clear lense)
(Ford)F2TZ-13734-B (Driver's side )
Door Weatherstrip, inside belt molding, Felt strip inside glass rubs against
(Ford) F2TZ-1521457-A
Dipstick part numbers: (If yours is stamped 1820068C1, REPLACE IT!, it reads 2 qts too low!!!)
(Ford) F4TZ-6750-E (F-Series)
(Navistar) 1824405C1
(Econoline) F5UZ-6750-A
Dipstick Mount Seal Repair Kit with instructions
(International) 1846146c91 (silicone, loctite gasket eliminator, adapter gasket, dipstick oring
Dipstick Tube O-Ring
(International) 875519C1
see "O-Rings" for standard sizes
Dual Idler Mod
(See Serpentine Belt)
Engine Belt
(See Serpentine Belt)
Engine Cover, Front
See "Timing Cover; Front "
Engine Top Cover Bracket/Mount
(Ford) F81Z-6A955-AA or YC3Z-6A955-AA (mount for 97-up shorty cover)
Engine Top Cover Nuts
(Ford) N800475S101
Engine Oil Temp Sensor (EOT)
See "Oil Temp Sensor"
Engine Oil Pressure Sensor (EOP)
See "Oil Pressure Sensor"
Exhaust BackPressure Regulator (EPR solenoid; up to 98.5)
(Ford) F5TZ-6C673-A
Exhaust BackPressure Regulator Valve
(Ford) (old F4TZ-9J460-A) (new 1C3Z-9J460-AA) (94-96; mounts on bracket above oil reservoir)
(Ford) F7TZ-9J640-AA (97-up; may mount like earlier models, later in front of reservoir)
Exhaust BackPressure Regulator Valve Tube
(Ford) F4TZ-9D477-A
Exhaust backPressure Regulator EPR solenoid, up to 98.5
(Ford) F5TZ-6C673-A
Exhaust BackPressure sensor
(Ford) 1C3Z-9J460-A (94-96; Mounts on bracket above oil reservoir)
(Ford) F7TZ-9J640-AA (97, mounts like earlier models; 98 and up, mounts in front of reservoir
Exhaust BackPressure Valve Actuator Seal Repair Kit
(Ford) 2C3Z-9P466-BA (94.5-97)
(Ford) 2C3Z-9P466-AA (98-02)
Exhaust Brake
(BD) 2033143
(Pacbrake) C15000
Exhaust Collector Donut
(see turbo Exhaust Collector Donut)
Exhaust, Turbine Down Pipe
(BD) 1047310
Fan Belt;
see serpentine belt
Flexplate Crankcase spacer (94-99)
(Ford) F81Z-6A366-AA
Flexplate Engine Spacer (94-99)
(Ford) F4TZ-6A369-A
Flexplate Reinforcement Plate (94-99)
(Ford) F4TZ-6A366-A
Flywheel, Dual Mass
Friction Modifier, Limited-Slip Differential
Front Crankshaft Oil Seal
(National) 3894VD
Front Cover, Engine
See "Timing Cover; Front "
Fuel Conditioner Additives
(Stanadyne) 29409 (pint)
(Stanadyne) 31845 (1/2 gallon)
Fuel Lubricity Additives
(Ford) F8AZ-9C077-AA
(Stanadyne) 32398
Fuel Cap (Locking)
(Napa) 703-2614
Fuel Filter
(Fleetguard) FS1298
(Baldwin) PF7678
(International) 1822631C91
(Motorcraft) FD4595
(Racor) IN F4595
Fuel Filter Drain Cable
(Ford) F7UZ9J312 (cable assembly)
(Ford) F7UZ9728 (mounting bracket)
Fuel Filter Housing
(Ford) F4TZ-9155-B (engine serial no. 201680-before)
(Ford) F6TZ-9155-A (engine serial no. 201681-up to 98.5)
Fuel Filter Housing Reseal Kit (See "O-Rings" for Individual O-Ring sizes)
(International) 1823645C91 (94-95) (Part # inside Ford packaging, bad per IH)
(Ford) F6TZ-9157-BA (96-97)
(Ford) F5TZ-9157-A (94-95)
(Ford) F4TZ-9C064-A O-Ring Water in Fuel Probe
(Ford) F4TZ-9C065-A O-Ring Heater Connector
Not Available (International) 1823565-C1 O-Ring Water Drain Valve
Not Available (International) 1823635-C1 O-Ring Orifice Vent
Not Available (International) 1823644-C1 O-Ring Pressure Regulator Filter
Not Available (International) 1823655-C1 Ball, FPR Check Valve
Not Available (International) 1823662-C1 Gasket, Element
Not Available (International) 1824476-C1 O-Ring, Prescreen Bowl
See "O-Rings" for Individual O-Ring sizes
Fuel Filter Housing wiring
(Ford) F7TZ-9S277-AA
(International) 1807333C91 ???
(International) 1825754C91 (Not Available per IH)
Fuel Filter Lid
(International) 1825190C91
Fuel Filter Restricted sensor; on filter housing 94/95; on regulator block 96/97
(Ford) E8TZ-9S283-A
(International) 1809435c1
Fuel Filter Stand Pipe
(Ford) F5TZ-9236-A (94-97)
(International) 1825187C91
Fuel Filter Water Drain Valve (94-95) (96? 97?)
(Ford) F5TZ-9A153-A
Fuel Filter Water in Fuel Control Switch, not the part in the bowl
(Ford) F4TZ-9J294-A (94-97)
(International) 1821712C1 (In harness behind HPOP reservoir pass. side)
Fuel Filter Water in Fuel Sensor Probe, 94-97, the part in the bowl
(Ford) F5TZ-9J294-A
Fuel Filter Wrench
(MATCO) KD3526
Fuel Heater Element;
(Ford) F5TZ-9J294-A (94-97)
(International) 1825186C91 (94-97)
(Ford) F81Z-9J294-AA (98-02) Heavy duty, Can be made to fit 94-97, see web write-up
(International) 1831196C92 (98-02) Heavy duty, Can be made to fit 94-97, see web write-up
Fuel Heater Thermostat
(Ford) F4TZ-9J294-A
(International) 1823587C91 Kit
Fuel Hose, BLUE (Aeroquip FC498-06)
(Ford) F4TZ-9324-CA, 3" Long lift pump to filter inlet
(Ford) F4TZ-9324-DA Shorter than above, Filter outlet to High Pressure (piston) pump inlet
Fuel Injector
(see "Injector")
Fuel Lift Pump Outlet Seals (seals banjo fitting of "wishbone" line)
(Ford) F4TZ-9A375-A
Fuel Line Damper (96/97 CA; mounts on lift pump banjo fitting)
Fuel Line Damper Gasket (copper washer; not included w/damper)
(Ford) F6TZ-9160-AA
Fuel Line Seals (seals lines at head inlet fittings)
(Ford) F4TZ-9C387-A (94-97)
Fuel Pressure Regulator Repair Kit (contains spring, valve spool & new brass plug)
(Ford) F5TZ-9K061-A (federal emissions; 94-98)
(Ford) F6TZ-9K061-AA (CA emissions; engine serial no. 201681-98)
Fuel Pressure Regulator Spring
(International) 1823643-C1 (federal emissions; 94-98
(International) 1825854-C1 (CA emissions; engine serial no. 201681-98
Fuel Pressure Regulator Screen Kit (Orifice Vent Kit) Includes screened plug, o-ring, check valve
(Ford) F5TZ-9A214-A
(International) 1823658C91 (doesn’t fit the PSD?)
Fuel Pump
(International) 1824415-C92
(Ford) F6TZ-9350-A
(NAPA, Kragen/Parts America, AutoZone etc) 61067
Fuel Pump, Banjo Fitting
(International) 1821624-C92
Fuel Pump Banjo Gaskets
(Ford) F4TZ-9A375-A
(International) 1820650C1
Fuel Injector
(see "Injector")
Fuel Rail Plug O-Rings (the small 1/4" square drive drain at ends of heads )
(International) 182261891 (1815734C1 ?)
See "O-Rings" for Individual O-Ring sizes
Fuel Rail Plug
(International) 1822618C92
Glow Plug
(AutoZone) ZD-10 or ZD-11 (Beru plugs)
(Ford) F4TZ-12A342-A
(International) 1820697C2
Glow Plug Deactivation Kit (opens at 115 degrees coolant temp)
(International) 1831142C91
Glow Plug Relay
(Allied Electronics) 576-1078 (Stancor Heavy Duty 586-902)
(AutoZone) MR99
(Ford) F7TZ-12B533-CA (94-96 with pigtail)
(Ford) F81Z-12B533-AC (96-early 2000 w/o pigtail)
(International) 1807230C2
(International) 1826634C94
(Napa) GPR-109
Glow Plug Relay Cover
(Ford) F6TZ-12A345-A
Glow Plug Relay shunt; Required for GP monitor circuit; 97 CA
(Ford) F7TZ-12B533-B
Grill Emblem
(Ford) F87Z-9842528-CA
Headlight Assembly; 92-97
(Ford) F2TZ-13008-A (RH)
(Ford) F2TZ-13008-B (LH)
Headlight Switch
(Ford) E7TZ-11654-B (or SW-2103) Switch Assembly
High Pressure Line (hydraulic clutch)
(Ford) F5TZ-7A512-A
High Pressure oil rail o-rings For rail plugs, elbows and ICP
(Ford) F4TZ-9N693-A
(International) 1815874C1
High Pressure Oil Pump (Includes F81Z-AA IPR valve; uses F4TZ-A gasket)
(Ford) F4TZ-9A543-BRM (engine serial no. up to 201680)
(Ford) F6TZ-9A543-ARM (engine serial no. 201681 through 99)
(Ford) F81Z-9A543-CA (99.5)
(Ford) F81Z-9A543-BRM (98.5/99)
(Ford) F81Z-9A543-CRM (99.5)
High Pressure Oil Pump Fitting O-Rings
(International) 1823790C1?
High Pressure Oil Pump Gasket
(Ford) F4TZ-9417-A (engine serial no. 201680 & before)
(Ford) F6TZ-9417-A (engine serial no. 201681 & up
High Pressure Oil rail end plugs Large plugs at each end of heads; incl. o-rings
(International) 1827535C94 (new style, blue o-ring)
High Pressure Oil Reservoir
(Ford) F4TZ-6658-A (engine serial no. 201680 & before)
(Ford) F6TZ-6658-AA (engine serial no. 201681 up to 98.5)
High Pressure Reservoir Gasket
(Ford) F4TZ-6619-A -Engine number 201680 & below; partial gasket RTV required
(Ford) F6TZ-6619-AA -Engine number 201680 up to 98.5; full gasket, no RTV
(International) 1823670C1 96-97 with standpipe?
High Pressure Oil Supply Hoses
97 and before
LH: F6TZ-9A332-A
RH: F6TZ-9J323-A
98 and up
LH: F81Z-9A332-AA
RH: F81Z-9J323-AA
High Pressure Oil Supply Fittings
(Ford) F4TZ-9N332-A (elbows on cylinder head oil rails)
(Ford) F4TZ-9C402-A (HP oil pump fitting and o-ring)
High Pressure Quick-connect fitting on cylinder head oil rails; 98 up
Horn Pad;
see Steering Wheel
Hub Nut Removal Tool
(OTC) 7158 (94)
(OTC) 7157 (later)
ICP Sensor
(Ford) F4TZ-9F838-A (94/95)
(Ford) F6TZ-9F838-A (96-up; marked Julian date 6318 or higher)
(International) (94/95) 1830669C92 $128
(International) (96-up) 1807329C92
ICP O-ring (Same as HP plugs and hoses)
(International) 1815874C1
Idler Pulley;
see Serpentine belt Idler
Ignition Cylinder Lockset with Key; Black fingerhold
Measure the old key at the 6th (10 total) cut back from the front, to find the cut # to order
With the same cut number, cut last 4 positions from old key to new, and it will work in the doors too
(Ford) F3DZ-11582-A, (Number 1 cut A, approx 0.35")
(Ford) F3DZ-11582-B, (Number 2 cut B, approx 0.30")
(Ford) F3DZ-11582-C, (Number 3 cut C, approx 0.25")
(Ford) F3DZ-11582-D, (Number 4 cut D, approx 0.20")
(Ford) F3DZ-11582-E, (Number 5 cut E, approx 0.15")
IVS (Idle Validation Sensor) 94-97
See "Throttle Assembly" (Not Available Individually)
IPR O-Ring Kit (for when IPR valve replacement is not required)
(Ford) F6TZ-9C977-AN (F6TZ-9C977-AA?)
(International) 1825806C92 (1825806C91?)
IPR Injection Pressure Regulator
(Ford) F4TZ-9C968-C (engine serial no. 187099 & before or pump no. 255C92)
(International) 1824982C91 (engine serial no. 187099 & before or pump no. 255C92)
(International) 1833798C91 (All Years ???) latest part number
(Ford) F81Z-9C968-AA (engine serial no. 187100 & up or pump no. 247C91)
(Ford) F81Z-9E527-DRM (federal emissions & SuperDuty)
(Ford) F81Z-9E527-ARM (California emissions)
(Ford) F81Z-9E527-BRM (99.5 only)
Injector O-ring kits (replaces all previous kits, 8 needed)
(Ford) XC3Z-9229-AA
(International) 1833564C91
Injector Removal Tool
(OTC tools) 6067
Injector Driver Module (IDM)
(Ford) F7TZ-12B599-AC (F-Series)
(Ford) F6TZ-12B599-AA (Econoline)
(Ford) F6UZ-13C795-AA & -BA (seals for Econoline)
(Ford) XC3Z-12B599-AA (98-03)
Injector Sleeves
(Ford) F4TZ-9F538-A (94-03 7.3L)
IDM seals for E-van
(Ford) F6UZ-13C795-AA & -BA
Intake Hose Kit (updated kit replaces orange hose, includes replacement for aluminum center section)
(Ford) F7TZ-9C681-AA
Intake Hose, updated black (Replacement hose for above, does not directly replace orange hose)
(Ford) F81Z-9C681-BA
Intake Plenum
(Ford) F81Z-9E434-DA (96-03 newer type with screen, 10 bolt and 3")
Lift Pump;
see fuel pump
Light assembly, Underhood
(Ford) 1U5Z-15702-AA
MAP Sensor
(Ford) F4TZ-9F479-A (94-98; digital)
Neutral Safety Switch (hydraulic clutch)
(Ford) FF57Z11A152A (96-97)
O-Rings, Standard sizes for replacements
Fuel System O-Rings (use Viton for fuel)
#123, 94-95 FPR Bowl
#025, 96-97 FPR Bottom plug, outer (seals plug to housing)
#110, 96-97 FPR Bottom plug, inner (seals fuel return to HP side of pump)
#012, 94-97 Water In Fuel Sensor Probe
#014, 94-97 FPR
#015, 94-97 FPR to Filter Housing
#011, 94-97 FPR Screen Plug, Smaller o-ring
#012, 94-97 FPR Screen Plug, Bigger o-ring
#018, 94-97 Fuel Heater Connector
#202, 94-97 Water Drain (2 required)
#???, Fuel rail end plugs in head
Oil O-rings (use Buna-N for oil (Nitrile)) (70 durometer is standard, use 90 durometer for the HP Oil fittings)
#013, Oil Rail Plugs, ICP, and HP hose Fittings (90 durometer)
#012, Dipstick tube to Bung (70 durometer)
#010, CCV, small o-rings (70 durometer) (2 required)
#???, CCV, large o-rings (70 durometer) These are currently 3 sided, get from International (2 required)
#???, Turbo pedestal o-ring, large
#???, Turbo pedestal o-ring, small
#117, CPS o-ring (70 durometer)
#???, Oil Cooler o-ring, inner
#???, Oil Cooler o-ring, outer
#???, Turbo Y-Pipe o-ring (Quad Ring OEM)
#???, E4OD Dipstick tube o-ring
Coolant O-Rings
#???, Thermostat Housing
#???, Lower Inlet Pipe (later Pump)
#???, Hose fitting (later Pump)
O-Rings, Individual OEM
Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS) O-Ring
(Ford) F81Z-12B615-BA
Crankcase Breather (CCV) O-Rings
(Ford) F4TZ-6769-A (small; seals screw head; 1/pack)
(Ford) F4TZ-6769-C (large; seals breather adapter to valve cover; 2/pack)
(International) 1824452C2 (Small, 2 needed)
(International) 1820784C2 (large, 3 sided, 2 needed)
Dipstick Tube O-Ring
(International) 875519C1
Fuel Rail End Plug O-Rings (the small 1/4" square drive drain at ends of heads )
(International) 1815734C1
High Pressure oil rail o-rings For rail plugs, elbows and ICP
(Ford) F4TZ-9N693-A
(International) 1815874C1
Oil Cooler O-Rings (one each to seal cooler at each header)
(Ford) E3TZ-6C610-A
(Ford) E4TZ-6K649-E
(International) 1807563-C1, Inner
(International) 1804414-C1 Outer
Thermostat Gasket (o-ring)
(Ford) F4TZ-8255-A
(Intl) 1821880C2
Turbo Compressor Outlet to Y-Pipe O-Ring
(Ford) F4TZ-9E436-A (94-99)
(International) 1818372C1
Turbo Pedestal O-Rings (between pedestal & block; pedestal & turbo)
(Ford) F4TZ-6N653-A & -B
(International) 1815560C1 Turbo to pedistal O-ring .421 x .560
(International) 1815561C1 Turbo to pedistal O-ring .769 x .908
Water Pump Inlet Pipe Gasket (o-ring)
(Ford) F81Z-8255-AA
Oil, Anti-Foaming Additive
(International) CH1824392
Oil Cooler Housing,filter end 94-97; Updated snap ring retained check valve
Oil Cooler housing, Front, 94-97
(Ford) F4TZ-6881-B
Oil Cooler Housing Gasket (front)
(Ford) F7TZ-6A636-A AA ???
(International) 1831666C1
Oil Cooler Housing Gasket (rear; oil filter end)
(Ford) F4TZ-6A636-AA (97-up) ???
(Ford) F4TZ-6A636-B (96-before) ???
(International) 1831665C1
Oil Cooler O-Rings (one each to seal cooler at each header)
(Ford) 1C3Z-6C610-BA
(Ford) 1C3Z-6K649-BA
(International) 1807563-C1, Inner
(International) 1804414-C1 Outer
See "O-Rings" for Individual O-Ring sizes
Oil Cooler Tube / Core
(Ford) 1C3Z-6A642-AA
Oil Filter
(Fleetguard) FL3630 - 11.51
(International) 181456261 - 11.51
(Motorcraft) FL1995
Oil Filter Housing 94-97 (updated snap ring retained check valve)
(Ford) F81Z-6881-BA
Oil Fill Extension (6" Super Duty style, uses same cap)
(Ford) 4C4Z-6783-AA
Oil Gallery Drain plugs, under valve cover, aluminum
(International) 1822610C91
Oil Pan Drain Copper Gasket
(Ford) F4TZ-6734-B
Oil Pressure Sender Switch
(Ford) E9SZ-9278-A (engine serial no. 201680 & before)
(Ford) F6TZ-9278-AA (engine serial no. 201681 up to 98.5)
Oil Pump Pickup Tube Gasket
(International) 1915899C3
Oil Rail End Plugs (large plugs at each end of heads; incl. O-rings)
see "High Pressure oil Rail"
Oil Temp Sensor (EOT) , Engine
(Ford) F2AZ-12A648-A (not sure early or late)
(International) 1814320C1 (engine serial # 375548 and below)
(International) 1824451C1 (engine serial # 375549 and up)
Oil Temp Sensor (EOT) Connector, Engine
(International) 2501106C1 (dealer must get these in 10 packs. May or may not order if you only want one...)
(Ford) E1AZ-12A648-A (not available?)
(Terminal Supply Co) FPT-91-6995
Parking Brake Cables, Crew Cab LWB
(Ford) F6TZ-2A635-C (Driver’s Side)
(Ford) F6TZ-2A635-CC (Passenger Side)
(Ford) F2TZ-2A793-A (Intermediate Cable)
Piston, Pin & Rings
(Ford) F4TZ-6102-A (engine serial no. 201680 & before)
(Ford) F5TZ-6102-A (engine serial no. 201681 up to 98.5)
Power Steering Hose
(Ford) F4TZ-3A719-D (High Pressure)
Push Rods (valve train)
(Ford) F4TZ-6565-A
Radiator Hose , Newer style early 95-98, with coolant bottle
(Ford) F5TZ-8286-E (upper)
(Ford) F5TZ-8286-G (lower)
(Ford) F4TZ-8075-B (from lower hose T to coolant bottle)
Radiator Core Support , all F250-F350 Diesels, 92-97
(Ford) F4TZ-16138-A
Receiver Hitch, front
(Drawtite) 65015
Relay Shunt (required for glow plug monitor circuit; 97 CA emissions)
(Ford) F81Z-12B533-BA
Restricted Fuel Filter Sensor;
see fuel filter restricted sensor
Rocker Arm
(International) 1814259-C91
RTV Silicone Sealer (special sealant for powerstroke)
(Ford) F5TZ-19G204-AB (5oz, 1/2 caulk tube)
(Wacker) T-442
(Internatioal) 1830858C1
Seat Belt Extension
(Ford) E3FZ-61611C22-B Extension I got from Ford Dealer, about 10"
(Ford) FO3Z-5461248-A Belt adjustment clip for child seat
Seat Foam, Lower Captains Chair
(Ford) F2TZ-18632A22-B
Seat Foam, Lower 40/20/40
(Ford) F4TZ-15632A22-A
Serpentine Belt
(Ford) F6TZ-8620-GA (1995-up 8 rib)
(Ford) F5TZ-8620-A (1994.5 7 rib)
(Napa) 25-081189 (1995-up 8 rib)
(Unknown) JK7-1201 (1994.5 7 rib)
(Goodyear Gatorback) 4071195 (1994.5 7 rib)
Serpentine Belt Tensioner (single) 94-97
(Ford) F7TZ-6B209-AA
(AutoZone) 199236
Serpentine Belt Idler Pulley (Lower Grooved)
(Ford) F6TZ-8678-HB
(Napa) 38052
Serpentine Belt Pully Bolt, RH Thread T50
(Napa) 56040
Serpentine Belt Dual Tensioner Upgrade MOD
(Ford) F8UZ-6B209-CA Dual Tensioner (E series)
(Ford) F8TZ-8620-FB Belt (F-Series)
(Ford) F8UZ-8620-BA Belt (E-Series)
(Ford) F8UZ-8B656-AB Decal to replace old

SD Pickup tensioner F8TZ-6B209-BA (easier to change belts per MASAMI)
Belt, Motorcraft JK8-1227, 122-7/8" long
Belt, Ford 1CZ-8620-LA

Shift Lever Rebuild Parts, Automatic
(Ford) 1F1Z-7212-AA Transmission Tube $17.09
(Ford) F3TZ-7L278-A Bushings (need 2) $1.76ea
(Ford) F7DZ-7R264-AA Plunger $10.60
Shocks, 94-97 F350
(Bilstein) B46-1617 (Stock valving Front no lift)
(Bilstein) B46-1618 (Stock valving Rear no lift)
(Bilstein) 5100/5125 series 255/70 valving
-BE5-A463-H5 (front)
-BE5-6248-H5 (rear) 10" travel
-BE5-6249-H5 (rear) 12" travel
(Bilstein) 5150 series 255/70 valving
-BF5-A195-H1 (front)
-BF5-A196-H0 (rear) 10" travel
-BF5-A187-H0 (rear) 12" travel
Slave Cylinder
(Ford) E3TZ-7A564-A (96-97)
Sonnax Valve
(AX4N) 96948-01K - .427" dia
(Early E4OD) 36948-05K - .375" dia
(Late E4OD) 36948-03K - .331" dia
(Advance Auto Parts) 17250 (World Wide Automotive Remanfactured)
(AutoZone) 17250 (Duralast-import)
(Ford) 11002
Starter Solenoid (mounted on starter motor - can be serviced separately)
(Ford) F4TZ-11390-A (F4TZ-9N332-A ???)
Steering Column Shifter parts;
see shifter
Steering Stabilizer
(Rancho) RS-5402 (F-350 replacement, no brackets)
Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel pad, with Horn and Cruise 92-97
(Ford) F2TZ-13A805-F
Steering Column Upper Bearing Kit
(Ford) F6AZ-3605-AA (contains steel tolerance ring, steel sleeve, bearing pre-load spring, upper bearing snap
ring, steering wheel attaching bolt, small upper bearing, large upper bearing, & instruction sheet)
(Ford) FODZ-3L539-F (as above but no bearings)
Temp sending unit;
see "engine oil" or "coolant"
(Ford) F4TZ-8575-A (engine serial no. 201680 & before)
(Ford) F6TZ-8575-AA (engine serial no. 201681 up to 98.5)
(Intl) 1812314C94 (203 degree?)
Thermostat Gasket (o-ring)
(Ford) F4TZ-8255-A
(Intl) 1821880C2
Thermostat Housing
(Ford) F4TZ-8592-AA
Throttle Assembly (Includes Pedal, TPS, & IVS) 94-97
(Ford) F5TZ-9F836-A (f-Series) 94-95
(Ford) F6TZ-9F836-AA (F-Series) 96-97
(Ford) F5UZ-9F836-B (Econoline)
TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) 94-97
See "Throttle Assembly" (Not Available Individually)
Tie Rod
(Moog) ES 3363T (95-96 F250; right outer)
(Moog) ES 3362L (95-96 F250; left outer)
(Moog) DS 1419 (95-96 F250; connecting rod)
(Moog) DS 1420 (95-96 F250; left inner)
Timing Cover; Front
(Ford) F4TZ-6016-A (engine serial number 201680 & before)
(Ford) F6TZ-6019-AA (engine serial number 201681 thru 96)
(Ford) F7TZ-6019-AA (97-up)
Torque Converter , E4OD
(Ford) XL3Z-7902-DAR-M (2002 4R100 type, can replace E4OD converter)
Transmission cooler line check valve
(Ford) FOTZ-7D174-A, inline upgrade for models w/o
(Ford) FOTZ-7D174-B, with 5/16 line
(Ford) FOTZ-7D174-C, with 3/8 line
Transmission Cooler
(B&M) 70264 (24K; stacked plate)
Transmission Dipstick; 4R100 Style, 12" longer but Tube needs Serious tweaking/bending to fit 94-97
(Ford) Dipstick-F81Z-7A020-BA
(Ford) Tube-XC3Z-7A228-AA
Transmission Filter
(Ford) F6TZ-7A098-BB (with seal)
(Napa) 1-7825 (Magnetronic in-line)
(Autozone) TF-350 (2wd E4OD & 4R100)
(Autozone) TF-325 (4wd E4OD & 4R100)
Transmission Gasket
(Ford) F6TZ-7A191-A (reusable)
(Ford) E9TZ-7A191-A
Transmission Pan with Drain (4R100 pan, fits E4OD & uses same filter; must use reusable gasket above)
(Ford) F81Z-7A194-BA (4wd, deep)
(Ford) F81Z-7A194-AA (2wd, shallow)
Turbo Brake
(Western Diesel) WD99TB
Turbo Charger Assembly (remanufactured)
(Ford) F6TZ-6K682-ARM (up to 98.5; turbine & compressor)
(Ford) F4TZ-6K682-BRM (up to 98.5; complete-incl pedestal & EPR)
(Ford) F8UZ-6K682-AARM (98.5/99 Econoline w/o EBP)
(Ford) F81Z-6K682-AARM (99 F-series w/o EBP)
(Ford) F81Z-6K682-AA (99 F-series w/EBP)
(Ford) XC2Z-6K682-AARM (99.5 Econoline w/o EBP)
(Ford) F81Z-6K682-CARM (99.5 F-series w/o EBP)
(Ford) F81Z-6K682-BARM (99.5 F-series w/EBP)
Turbo Compressor Outlet to Y-Pipe O-Ring
(Ford) F4TZ-9E436-A (94-99)
Turbo, Compressor Wheel
(Schwitzer?) 170293 C/W
Turbo Exhaust Collector (up-pipe) Donut (at top of each manifold-to-turbo pipe)
(Ford) F4TZ-6K854-C
(Napa) F17250. Up-pipe donuts for Small Block Chevy V8
(International) 1816103C1
Turbo Exhaust Inlet Gasket (between turbo inlet & collector)
(Ford) F4TZ-6N640-B
Turbo Pedestal
(Ford) F4TZ-6N639-A (up to 98.5)
(Ford) F81Z6N639-BA (99 F-series w/o EBP)
(Ford) F81Z-6N639-AA (99 F-series w/EBP)
(Ford) F81Z-6N639-DARM (99.5 F-series w/o EBP)
(Ford) F81Z-6N-639-CARM (99.5 F-series w/EBP)
(International) 1822873C1 (Non EBPV pedestal)
Turbo Pedestal O-Rings (between pedestal & block; pedestal & turbo)
(Ford) F4TZ-6N653-A & -B
(International) 1815560C1 & 1815561C1
Turbo Seals and Bearings, Kit
(World Products) 7-A-2058
Turbo Reman Rotating Assembly, TP38
(International) 991825C92
Turbo Y-Pipe Quad ring
see "Turbo Compressor Outlet to Y-Pipe O-Ring'
U-Joint Kit
(Ford) EOTZ-3249-A
(Napa) 232 (heavy duty; Dana 50 4600 front GAWR)
(Napa) 231 (regular grade; Dana 50 4600 front GAWR)
Under Valve Cover Harness
See Valve cover harness
Upper Oil Rail
(see high pressure oil)
Up Pipe
(see Turbo Exhaust Collector)
Vacuum Low Switch (sending unit activates brake warning light)
(Ford) E3TZ-12A182-H
Vacuum Pump
(AutoZone) 64-1008 (94-95)
(Autozone) 64-1024 (96-97)
(Ford) F4TZ-2A451-A (94-95)
(Ford) F6TZ-2A451-AA (96-97)
(Kragen/PartsAmerica) 641008 (94-95)
(Kragen/PartsAmerica) 641024 (96-97)
(Napa) 641 008 (94-95)
(Napa) NVP641024 (96-97)
Vacuum Pump, Electric, As used on Escort diesels and some GM cars
(Ford) E4FZ-2A451-A
(GM) 22034995
(Autozone) 64-1501 or VP3 or 64-1500 (GM)
(Kragen) 641501
Vacuum Pump, Electric, Super Duty accessory type, may be too small to run Booster.
(Ford) F81Z-2A451-BA
Vacuum Pump Pulley
(Ford) F5TZ-2L487-A (94-95) ???
(Ford) F5TE-2L487-AA (96-97) ???
Valve Cover Harness Repair Kits (contains 4 hard shells w/seals, w/o terminals)
(Ford) F7TZ-14489-BA (94-96)
(Ford) F7TZ-14489-AA (97)
(International) 1830829C91 removal tool and Shells w/o pins
(International) 1661875C1 Pins
(International) 2501055C1 Pins with 6" wire
Valve cover harness replacement terminals:
Industry P/N 103935; Winzer Distributing (1-800-527-4126) selection number D52
Valve Cover Gasket (94-97)
(Ford) F4TZ-6584-A
(International) 1818350C2
Valve Cover Harness, under valve cover
(Ford) F4TZ-9D930-K (94-97)
(International) 1815923C92 (94-97)
Up-Pipe Donut
(see turbo Exhaust Collector Donut)
Vent Register
(Ford) F3TZ-19893-H
Water in Fuel Sensor
(See Fuel Filter Water in Fuel Sensor)
Water Pump
(Ford) F81Z-8501-BRM (engine serial no. 201680 & before)
(Ford) F81Z-8501-CRM (engine serial no. 201681 up to 98.5)
(Napa) 58-511
(Autozone) FWP-9045 (94-95 with pipe thread heater hose fitting)
(Ford) 2C3Z-8V501-BA (???)
Water Pump O-Ring Seal / Gasket
(Ford) F4TZ-8507-A
Water Pump, Upgrade to International type with Integral Filter
- 1831676C92 International water pump w/filter
- 1817958C1 30mm bolts (3)
- 1817811C1 60mm bolts (2)
- 1818693C1 110mm bolts (4)
- WF2071 Fleetguard coolant filter w/ 4 units SCA
- upper radiator hose NAPA 8825
- lower radiator hose NAPA 8763 (use this for Int. water pump w/filter)
- 3/4NPT x 1" male hose barb Dixon 10016-112
Water Pump Inlet Pipe Gasket (o-ring)
(Ford) F8TZ-8255-AB
Water Pump Inlet Tube, 97-98
(Ford) F81Z-8592-BA
Water Pump Pulley 95-97
(Ford) F7TZ 8509-AA
Wheel Center Caps
(JC Whitney) 47BU0361A (2WD; aluminum bullet-hole rally style)
(JC Whitney) 47BU0362R (4WD; aluminum bullet-hole
Wing Window Handle Kit
(Ford) E9TZ-1522916A (RH)
(Ford) E9TZ-1522917A (LH)
See turbo Y-Pipe

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