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The local International part dealers aren't much help. Unless I know the part #'s I need they don't want to risk getting the wrong parts. I'm not even sure what parts I need! I need all upper and lower gaskets, o rings, seals, Main, and rod bearings, and rings. My heads checked out so I think I only need head gaskets and o rings for fuel and oil rails? Machine shop seems to think cam bearings should b fine to use with my used cam? How much do cam bearings affect oil supply/ pressure to other components? Don't think I want to mess with pressing cam bearings in?

Will the international kits have the correct oil cooler o rings and gaskets? I assume I need Ford kits for turbo pedestal and EBPV rebuild? What about Fuel line o rings/ seals? HPOP reseal kit? Will the dipstick adapter o ring come in gaskit kit? Also my EBPV tube was severely rusted and broke, any suggestions, should I rebuild or eliminate? I was planning to rebuild? Don't have time to figure this all out! Does anyone have the International #'s? PLEASE HELP it has been suggested to go to International but they don't make it easy, I tried in Nashville, and here in Murfreesboro.
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