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International T444E Performance and Starting

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I recently picked up a 1997 IH 4700 with the T444E in it (~110k miles) and had a couple questions on the engine.

1. The truck's "get up and go" is terrible compared with another identical truck that I test drove and maxxes out at around 63 mph on the flat. I know that IH can program a limiter on the truck for a certain speed that will simply cut out acceleration over that speed, but the last owner of this truck (who used it as a fleet vehicle) said that he had his mechanic limit the speed by "turning a screw on the fuel pump".

Any truth to this? If so, where is the fabled screw and how to I appropriately tune it? I would assume that there is a fuel pressure regulator for pre-injection pump pressure, but I am not sure how this would be adjusted and I haven't found any good info on this online.

2. The engine was this weekend a little difficult to start (admittedly it had been sitting for two weeks without me running it), but I want to make sure that there isn't something significant going on here. What should the glow plug resistance be? Is it easy to test?

3. And a more general question... there doesn't seem to be a lot of info on IH's web site about older trucks/engines... is there any way to get to it?

Thanks for the help...
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Thanks sdan. It looks like the plugs are indeed under the cover. I haven't had the hard starting problem since, but I will check the resistance when I have the chance. I guess eBay's probably the best opportunity to pick a manual.

Re: fuel... yes, it seems that everything is electronically controlled. I checked the pressure at the Schrader valve by what is probably a fuel filter; it was 55 psi (which I guess is probably within normal limits). I probably just need to change fuel filter(s). Where and how many filters are there? I understand that there is also a screen that should be cleaned out... where is that? How do I change and avoid getting air in the system? Any good sources for fuel filters other than International dealers? Thanks.
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